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Being Claudius in Shakespeare’s Hamlet

In the actual play, Claudius is the current Duke of the Dens. He just killed his brother Hamlet the King and married the deceased’s wife, Gertrude. The late Hamlet is seeking vengeance against the duo, Claudius, and Gertrude for being immoral and hungry for power. To achieve this, the late...

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Power of Hamlet’s Soliloquy

In the well-known quote ‘To be or not to be – that is the question’ refers to one of the best known quotes from the poem. The line also serves as an opening to one of the most famous soliloquy of “Hamlet. There, he reflects and contemplates his suicide act...

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The Roles of Minor Characters in Hamlet

For approximately over four centuries, William Shakespeare has been identified as a genius because of his ability to develop themes and plots that, for a long time, have served as an inspiration for very many writers and poets across the globe. When looking at Hamlet, it is evident that when...

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Reflection On The Role Of Claudius

Just like Hamlet had a journey of discovery, I have also had a journey which has helped me discover my character and personality. The role that I played in Shakespeare’s Hamlet is Claudius. King Claudius is the antagonist in the play. Claudius is a villain who values material possessions and...

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Haunting in Hamlet

Haunting in Shakespeare’s Hamlet takes many forms. While much of the play’s action is defined by Hamlet’s encounter with his father’s ghost in Act One, there are clearly many more aspects of haunting addressed throughout the play. Hamlet is a character whose primary characteristic is his obsession with mortality and...

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