Peter Bergs, “Hancock” is arguably in a class of its own owing to the approach taken by its creators with regard to the script, theme, storyline, and cinematography. The movie stars Will Smith who plays the lead character Hancock who is a well known superhero in the city of Los Angeles. Unlike most superheroes, the movie does not portray the full potential of the superhero. It focuses on showcasing the struggles of Hancock who has a drinking problem. In most cases, superheroes do not have such character flaws. This sets the movie apart from the rest of the films in this genre. To add on, Hancock brings out the humanity of the character. The paper takes the time to form an analysis of Peter Bergs, “Hancock” and its relevance to the film industry in terms of its message and context. The paper also offers a separate opinion on the movie as a form of recommend to any potential viewer.

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Once again, most movies often maximize on the super powers of the super hero. In this situation, the viewers are given the opportunity to appreciate the struggles that superheroes go through as opposed to the ordinary struggles such as the loss of their powers or confronting the villain. The movie can be classified as fantasy or fiction owing to the portrayal of Hancock’s superhero powers. Viewers are treated to a variety of stunts, comedic acts, action packed scenes owing to the storyline which is based on Hancock’s clumsiness. Ideally, Hancock manages to save many people making him a reckoned superhero in the city. Despite this, he also makes many enemies since most of his antics result in the loss of millions of dollars of the cities money.

Notably, the movie received a number of reactions from critics who either loved the movie or hated it. The movie is entertaining seeing as it takes on a comedic approach with regard to the dialogue. It also seeks to educate people about important themes such as restoration which is seen in Hancock’s struggle to restore his reputation and heroism. This aspect makes viewers relate to Hancock considering super heroes are often untouchable. One of the elements that prove to be significant in the movie is the way in which the director showcases the economic implication of the superheroes actions. The main reason for the existence of superheroes is to save the lives of human beings. Hancock has managed to get credibility with regard to his ability to save lives. However, he has proved to be a liability considering that one of his stunts cost the city approximately 7million dollars. As such, viewers are forced to compare the value of the live of human beings against the value of infrastructure.

In essence, the movie got a lot of positive feedback owing to the cast of well known actors who featured in the film. Despite this, the movie also faced a lot of criticism with regard to the script, cinematography, and the storyline. All in all, Hancock succeeds in providing entertainment to the general public since it creates awareness of social issues while using comedy and satire. If anything, the movie may be classified as underrated seeing as it did not get the reviews that I thought it deserved.

To conclude, Hancock manages to pass on the director’s message and overall theme to the viewers. This is seen in the use of different elements of cinematography which help create a successful movie.