Did you know you interact with millions of germs per day?Did you know that your hands are the parts of your body that interacts most with germs?
Well, now you know!

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What are Germs?

Germs are small microbes. They are so tiny that they cannot be seen by the naked eyes; even spectacles can’t see them. Do not disregard their size, they can kill! In fact, they have killed many people, including children like you, throughout the world. Do you also want to be killed by these organisms? Definitely not!

Germs Kill!
There is a simple way of protecting yourself from germs. Hand washing! In order to remove germs from your hands, wash your hands.

When Should You Clean Your Hands?
After visiting the toilet
Before every meal
After playing with your pets
After playing in the field
Whenever they are dirty

Why Do You Need to Wash Your Hands?
Simple, washing your hands kills germs. If you don’t wash your hands, the germs will kill you.

Let’s Learn how to Wash our Hands
Open a tap and let water run on them.
Apply a soap on your hands.
Rub each finger separately, starting with the thumb.
Apply the soap on the back of your hands, while rubbing.
Rub your wrist thoroughly.
Allow the water to run over your hands again.
Dry your hands with a clean dry hand towel.

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