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Technology Has Made People Unhappy

Wherever we see, we find technology. It is difficult to think of a society without technology now. Even children now have multiple gadgets such as smart phone, digital music players, and tablet devices. While technology has improved our lives, it has also made us unhappier because progress usually comes with...

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Happiness: What Is It?

Happiness is a subjective question that is bred with choice and circumstance. The question, “does work life depend on choices we make or on forces outside of our control” has only one clear answer: choice. A person makes conscious choices and those choices create their reality. Despite the subjective nature...

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The High Price of Materialism

In  The High Price of Materialism, Tim Kasser provides a scientific explanation for the manner in which consumerism and materialism affects happiness and psychological health for modern culture. While other writers have focused on the significant need for Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs in order to improve well-being including food, shelter,...

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On Being Happy and Mistaken: Mood Effects on the Fundamental Attribution Error

Studies have shown that if a reader is unhappy, they are more likely to fall prey to the fundamental attribution error (Forgas, 1998). The practical implications of this study show that the inferences made about an individual play a key role in everyday life, and understanding why people act the...

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Rethinking Positive Thinking Book Summary

All too often, individuals think that to achieve success, one must only wish and work hard towards their dream. However, in Gabriele Oettingen’s book, Rethinking Positive Thinking, Oettingen’s points to how old fashioned ways of positive thinking can actually be restrictive to one’s personal growth and success. Oettingen looks closely...

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Success and Happiness

Among the many approaches people employ to both understand and acquire success and happiness, the leader role is often a focus. This occurs mainly because it is ordinary to equate success with happiness; the effective leader retains a form of power, the advantages ensuing from it, and it follows for...

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Happiness Paragraph Outline

Topic Sentence/Main Claim: Happiness does not come from luxuries, possessions, and career success or kindness, the beauty of heart, and truth; instead, it derives from family and friendship. Body Paragraphs: First of all, happiness does not come from luxuries, possessions, or career success. Luxuries can only bring short-term happiness because...

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The Pursuit of Happiness

Will Smith’s film The Pursuit of Happiness provides an overview of what poverty can look like in America for those who tend to struggle. The lead character, played by Smith, is Chris Gardner. Gardner is a classic man who is living out one of the classic stories in America. He...

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Stoic Theory of Happiness

As most of Hellenistic schools of thought, Stoic philosophy emerged around personal ethics theory. In line with accompanying social, cultural, and political conditions of Hellenistic period, Stoic thinkers were offering an autonomous approach to pursuing personal happiness while cultural climate was in decay. According to Stoic philosophy, it is one's...

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Money Doesn’t Buy Happiness

The number one goal for most of the people in the world is to be successful, but what is more important, to be successful or to be happy? Happiness doesn’t always come with success; a lot of people are living a miserable life despite having a well-paying job. The man...

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Is Happiness in Life Possible?

St. Augustine is best known for his religious writings. However, despite his strong relationship with God he struggled throughout his life and did not always have a positive or happy relationship with the world around him. Specific episodes in his life were traumatic in nature and can help to explain...

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Are Some Right Actions Not Productive For The Greatest Happiness Of The Greatest Number?

Based on the assumption that morally right actions are bound to produce the most good, Jeremy Bentham and John Stuart Mill reinterpreted Epicurus’ pleasure-centered moral theory in such a way to identify a new set of moral principles that would promote happiness and well-being. As the founder of classical utilitarianism,...

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Happiness In 1920 And Great Gatsby

A man and his girlfriend are eating at a restaurant one day. The two are enjoying a wonderful moment and it's at this exact point that the man gets down on one knee, pulls a box from his pocket and takes a ring out, asking his beloved to spend the...

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Psychology Of Happiness

The processes through which human beings experience emotion are highly complex and multifaceted. As with most human behaviours and experiences, emotions are shaped by both biological and environmental factors. The debate (nature versus nurture) over which element has more influence over the resultant state of mind is ongoing and contentious....

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Gross National Happiness

The concept of Gross National Happiness is similar to that of Gross National Product except that the happiness and well-being of the citizens is the focus instead of their economic outputs. I think that this concept is a very interesting one that should be utilized by more nations and governments....

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Happiness Exercise

Happiness has been a difficult science, as skeptics have difficulty defining and quantifying the subject. The definition may be adequately described by a “positive emotional state” (Bartram, 2011). Descriptions of happiness through theories such as set-point theory and comparison theory have a fatalistic view of the value of happiness and...

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Definition of Happiness

Everyone wants to be happy. But not everyone may define happiness in the same way. Just as people are different, their definition of happiness may also be different. One way to define happiness is being satisfied with one’s situation. A happy person is exactly where he wants to be. He...

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Happiness Essay

Learn to let go. That is the key to happiness. -Buddha Per Merriam-Webster Dictionary, happiness means a state of well-being and contentment and/or a pleasurable satisfying experience. Is it fair to say that happiness can only be experienced for a moment or just because of something? I’d beg to differ....

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Does Brave New World Suggest That We Should Seek Something Else In Life Rather Than Our Happiness? If So, Why?

The idea of happiness is one of the key themes developed by Brave New World. Unlike other dystopias, this novel explores the frightening side of a generally happy society showing that happy people might produce an equally dismal impression as the evidently suffering characters of Orwell’s 1984. At first sight,...

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Happiness: Objective and Subjective Psychology

Happiness is the overall feeling of well-being that one must cultivate to maintain. There are always circumstances that have the potential to cause one to feel unhappy; however, it is the resiliency factor that allows one to be truly happy despite these circumstances (Baumeister & Bushman, 2016). Happiness has two...

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