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Success and Happiness

Among the many approaches people employ to both understand and acquire success and happiness, the leader role is often a focus. This occurs mainly because it is ordinary to equate success with happiness; the effective leader retains a form of power, the advantages ensuing from it, and it follows for...

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Happiness Paragraph Outline

Topic Sentence/Main Claim: Happiness does not come from luxuries, possessions, and career success or kindness, the beauty of heart, and truth; instead, it derives from family and friendship. Body Paragraphs: First of all, happiness does not come from luxuries, possessions, or career success. Luxuries can only bring short-term happiness because...

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The Pursuit of Happiness

Will Smith’s film The Pursuit of Happiness provides an overview of what poverty can look like in America for those who tend to struggle. The lead character, played by Smith, is Chris Gardner. Gardner is a classic man who is living out one of the classic stories in America. He...

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Stoic Theory of Happiness

As most of Hellenistic schools of thought, Stoic philosophy emerged around personal ethics theory. In line with accompanying social, cultural, and political conditions of Hellenistic period, Stoic thinkers were offering an autonomous approach to pursuing personal happiness while cultural climate was in decay. According to Stoic philosophy, it is one's...

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Are Some Right Actions Not Productive For The Greatest Happiness Of The Greatest Number?

Based on the assumption that morally right actions are bound to produce the most good, Jeremy Bentham and John Stuart Mill reinterpreted Epicurus’ pleasure-centered moral theory in such a way to identify a new set of moral principles that would promote happiness and well-being. As the founder of classical utilitarianism,...

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