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Is Happiness in Life Possible?

St. Augustine is best known for his religious writings. However, despite his strong relationship with God he struggled throughout his life and did not always have a positive or happy relationship with the world around him. Specific episodes in his life were traumatic in nature and can help to explain...

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Are Some Right Actions Not Productive For The Greatest Happiness Of The Greatest Number?

Based on the assumption that morally right actions are bound to produce the most good, Jeremy Bentham and John Stuart Mill reinterpreted Epicurus’ pleasure-centered moral theory in such a way to identify a new set of moral principles that would promote happiness and well-being. As the founder of classical utilitarianism,...

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Happiness In 1920 And Great Gatsby

A man and his girlfriend are eating at a restaurant one day. The two are enjoying a wonderful moment and it's at this exact point that the man gets down on one knee, pulls a box from his pocket and takes a ring out, asking his beloved to spend the...

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Psychology Of Happiness

The processes through which human beings experience emotion are highly complex and multifaceted. As with most human behaviours and experiences, emotions are shaped by both biological and environmental factors. The debate (nature versus nurture) over which element has more influence over the resultant state of mind is ongoing and contentious....

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Gross National Happiness

The concept of Gross National Happiness is similar to that of Gross National Product except that the happiness and well-being of the citizens is the focus instead of their economic outputs. I think that this concept is a very interesting one that should be utilized by more nations and governments....

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