The development of social media has been both a blessing and a curse. It has opened our world up to all kinds of possibilities to communicate, share ideas and our lives with just about anyone around the world. However, it has also made it much easier for millenials to communicate only through social media rather than more traditional ways, such as one-on-one or telephone conversations. On the good side, social media has made Millennials more aware of grammar and whether or not it is used correctly.
A study conducted by the photo-sharing app, Flashgap, showed that 87% of Millennials are so distracted by their mobile devices that they miss out on actual conversations (Saiidi). An additional 54% say they actually fear missing out on experiences if they don’t check social networks (Saiidi). However, these are not actual experiences, but rather what other people on social media are doing.

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It is also so easy and convenient to communicate through social media, some people are less inclined to get together in person to socialize or pick up the phone and call someone. It is much easier to communicate from your bedroom at times than in person. However, social media has made it easier to meet new people, which more often leads to in-person encounters. For example, if someone sees an event they are interested in on Facebook, they can post that, which can lead to other people who follow them going to the same event, which can lead to making new friends.

Even though people, not just Millennials, use all kinds of abbreviations and incomplete sentences to communicate through social media, a recent poll shows that 74% of Americans ages 18 to 34 actually get annoyed when people use incorrect grammar and make spelling mistakes (Schaub). This is because there is a proliferation of poor grammar and bad spelling on social media.

In conclusion, in some ways, social media has made it easier for people to be isolated. On the other hand, social media provides many opportunities to meet new people and have new experiences. It all depends on how it is used.

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