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Health insurance

The Economics of Medicare Reimbursements

Medicare reimbursements are the payments made to the hospital or physicians on behalf of the Medicare beneficiary for the services rendered (Britton 549). Although politicians argue that the United States leads in healthcare systems, various research on the matter contradicts this claim. Studies show that the US invests more in...

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The Affordable Care Act and Health Reform

The new Health Care Reform Act introduced some ethical issues of justice to the individual, communities, and struggle in legislature on how to provide a quality health care without sacrificing or hindering the rights of a few people. The decision by the Supreme Court in 2012 upheld the constitution of...

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Screening Tools

Screening tools are an important part of population based health. The information on the Drug Abuse Screening Test (DAST) was particularly interesting and helpful. However, what struck me most was the recognition that it is not useful for pain patients. This is a growing area of concern in the country....

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The Benefits of Medicare on the Health of Elderly Citizens

The War on Poverty launched by President Lyndon B. Johnson included many social programs for American citizens, and among the most profoundly impactful one was Medicare, the health insurance program for the elderly and disabled. Medicare drastically reduced what previously had been a common fear for older people: that they...

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Healthcare Reform Changes 1999-Present

Over the past 17 years there have been many changes in the ever-changing landscape of health care reform. From Republican to Democrat a major political movement of any president has been health care reform. In the late 90’s there began to be a greater emphasis on providing options to those...

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