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Health insurance

Health Policy and Economic Discussion

The prediction is that health spending will continue to increase by nearly 6% per year until 2024 (Keehan et al., 2014). Healthcare costs for patients as well as the industry have been increasing at a more rapid rate than inflation, and this is due to increased coverage of the population...

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Public Health Economics

What is the endogeneity problem that the authors are facing?The endogeneity problem that McClellan et al. (1994) are facing is that based on Medicare claims data, it is difficult to discern the main cause driving longevity after AMI. More intense treatment? Or better physical health and the choice of a...

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Health Policies and the 2016 Presidential Election

Health policies are a major concern among the Americans. These policies are controlled on a political platform by the running government. There being an ongoing campaign for the coming presidential elections, each presidential candidate has to give hope to the Americans by formulating better health policies. The policies to be...

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The Impact of Financial Factors on Health Care Delivery

There has been a great deal of discussion about how various aspects of healthcare financing impacts the health care delivery system. With the advent of the Affordable Care Act, everyone conceivably has access to health care through government provided credits which would seem to suggest that everyone now has the...

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Medicare and Medicaid

Medicare and Medicaid both have significant gaps which can greatly affect the care that the individual receives. These healthcare coverages do not pay for the cost of routine dental care such as cleanings, hearing aids, and eyeglasses. These are important elements of care that many patients require, especially those who...

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