Health policies are a major concern among the Americans. These policies are controlled on a political platform by the running government. There being an ongoing campaign for the coming presidential elections, each presidential candidate has to give hope to the Americans by formulating better health policies. The policies to be improved or replaced have long been there for the Americans. Indeed, any change in the policies can greatly affect both the direct beneficiaries and also the insurance companies who also benefit from the current policies. These are some of the current policies:

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• Medicaid – this is a program which caters for medical services for poor families. This program is under the federal government, but each state has its way of executing the program. The state must follow the federal requirements which expect the states to offer Medicaid to families or individuals with income below Federal Poverty Level (FPL). These requirements were formulated when President Lyndon Johnson introduced Medicaid and Medicare and had only be improved over the years.

• Medicare- this, on the other hand, is a policy where the federal government offers health insurance to the elderly, the disabled and people with kidney failure and requires a dialysis or a transplant. Medicare is divided into hospital insurance which caters for the eligible citizens where they are in a hospital while the other subdivision is the supplementary medical insurance which caters for outpatient and home-based medical services.

• Affordable Care Act- this policy is also known as the ObamaCare, which is a law that makes sure Americans have access to affordable health services by ensuring that the insurance companies does not exploit them. The health services are also made affordable by offering subsidies to the citizens who are below ‘400% Federal Poverty Level’. This law does not leave employers behind since all big employers have to pay for health insurance for its permanent workers.

The policies above are now the agendas which the candidates from the Republican Party which include Donald Trump, Ted Cruz and John Kasich and those from the Democratic Party which are Hilary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are supposed to explain to the Americans and how they intend to review them. The idea on how to review these policies have left each party holding its old themes where the Republicans believe that Americans should not be forced to acquire an insurance policy if they don’t want one. The party also believes that ACA is a rule that is determined on exploiting small businesses by overburdening them with the task of paying insurance policies to its workers. This exploitation of all the Americans being employers, employees or insurance companies they believe it is unnecessary and they are determined to remove it. This will give the insurance companies a chance to enjoy a free market.

The Democrats, on the other hand, believe in offering more free and subsidized medical services to needy individuals and families. The party candidates are determined to maintain the ACA which greatly controls both Medicare and Medicaid and if possible to extend more generous medical policies to the less fortunate Americans.

If the ideologies of each of the two parties are compared those of the Republicans are more sensible economically over those of the Democrats. This is because the Republicans are intending to improve the insurance business by giving them a chance to run a free market without the interference of the government. Their policy is also favorable economically since they don’t intend to force small businesses to pay insurance policies for its workers. Also strongly believe if the Americans are not imposed on a mandatory health insurance policy the healthy Americans are in a better position to invest the money elsewhere. Furthermore, this ideology is the most politically feasible, ”If Republicans recapture the White House, they will almost certainly retain control of both chambers of the Congress and be in a good position to repeal ObamaCare early on 2017.”(Reischauer and Rivlin 2)

Each candidate should come up with a policy which favors the USA at an economic and social level. Their policies should not oppress the poor citizens and also, on the other hand, it should not oppress the investors.