Personal Definition Of Community.The definition of community involves fundamentally understanding it in different concepts. An individual definition of community may not be similar to another individual’s definition. A personal definition of community involves understanding that an individual may belong to a community by choice due to voluntary associations, or by advantage of their inborn individual features such as gender, race, age, or ethnicity (CDC, 2012). As a result, people may be members of many communities at a specific time. When beginning community commitment efforts, a person should be aware of the complex relations in making decisions of people to work with in the community targeted.

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One Health Policy and its importance
Healthy policy are the plans, decisions as well as actions that are taken for the purpose of achieving certain health care goals in the society. Policy defines vision, outline priorities and also the anticipated responsibilities of diverse groups in addition to establishing consensus and informing the population (Holtz, 2013). One health policy which is important is the global health policy. The policy comprises the structures of global governance that establishes the policies of the underlying public health across the world. The global health policy addresses the global health meaning that it takes into consideration the health needs of the world population above the concerns of specific countries (Holtz, 2013). The global health policy is distinguished from both the comparative health policy also known as health policy analysis across states, and international health policy which is the agreements involving sovereign states, institutions of global health policy made of actors as well as the norms framing the response of global health. The main importance of this policy is its contribution to reach its goals of reducing poverty, and address the main causes of ill health coming up in various sectors of the society (Chan, 2011). It enables the creation of global health initiatives designed to provide interventions that save life on large scale.

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