A solid health promotion plan for individuals and families based upon assessment findings, risk factors, and Healthy People 2020 goals would need to include active strategies such as community education on the risk factors and Health People 2020 goals, motivational tools to incite individuals and families to become involved in the process, and the organization of a community-based group to conduct fundraising for the process, set community goals, and ensure the consistent delivery of the needed information to the public. Passive strategies could include having area grocery stores display healthy food choices in end caps for prominent display, community health centers offering free drop-in blood pressure and weight checks, and community-wide design, development, and building of walking and biking trails.

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One of the efforts in my community that addresses several of the Healthy People 2020 objectives is the area hospital’s new activity/obstacle course. Built as part of an integrated walking trail, the course offers outdoor equipment for isometric and strength-building exercises such as pull-up bars, tire runs, sit-up and push-up stations, and water break areas.

Healthy People 2020 has no firm start-up history. Rather, it is a continuation of several other national initiatives to help Americans become healthier and happier. There are several objectives for Healthy People 2020. One of the most important is the objectives to “increase the proportion of adults who are at a healthy weight (NWS-3)” (Nutrition, 2015, n.p.). One health behavior intervention that might help to achieve this objective is encourage all health care practitioners to discuss appropriate weights with patients at all non-acute visits and have the practitioners give written materials to the patients regarding health, nutrition, exercise, and weight loss options available in the local community as well as taking time to answer questions from patients regarding why an appropriate body weight is crucial in maintaining good health.