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Health promotion

Gastrointestinal Disorders

Abstract Utilizing a fake case study, this paper will work to describe the condition of a 50 year old man suffering from substernal pain for the past five months. The paper will work to provide an explanation for his condition, and the reasons that this has been identified as his...

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PICOT Format for Evidence Based Practice

This paper seeks to answer the question how application of a practice-change model might serve to answer and implement the clinical query results generated by the PICOT. First, let us specify what the PICOT technique is. According to Riva et al (2012), the PICOT format/technique is an effective approach of...

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Public Health Informatics

Abstract This paper will discuss how information systems work to support the functions of health and aged care organizations in Australia and some of the different ways in which these information systems are able to do so. Keywords: Australia, information systems, health, aged care, organizations Information systems encompass both the...

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Health Promotion in Wales

Alzheimer ’s disease remains a significant cause of dementia in individuals. Dementia refers to a general decline in mental functioning in an individual that interferes with daily living. Dementia is often associated with memory loss. However, memory loss is only one means by which this tragic disease affects individuals and...

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Health and Physical Education Literacy

As evidenced within the article, the World Health Organization as well as the US Department of Health and Human Services both recommend that children receive sixty minutes of exercise or activity three days a week. However, as many as 3/4th of children do not meet these levels of physical activity....

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Stroke Prevention Media

Though social media tools have initially been used for commercial purposes, a growing stream of recent evidence shows that their scientific and social benefits are difficult to overestimate (Bandura, 2004). Prevention of diseases is one of the ways how media can be used to promote health in society. Online video...

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Cultural Factors in Promoting Health

According to the World Health Organization, health is a multi-dimensional concept, which means that it goes beyond mere physical wellbeing (the absence of diseases) and includes social and mental wellbeing as well (Perez, Aunprom-me, Palacio, & Valencia, 2016). It may be critical for understanding the role of cultural factors in...

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Health Promotion and Disease Prevention

The Skin Cancer Foundation (2018) gives insight into the different ways in which a patient could detect any certain changes in the skin that would be a sign of skin cancer. It encourages patients to see a doctor if any of these changes are present for early detection. According to...

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Public Health and Population

Public health is synonymous with community health as the two encompasses similar aspects, process and tenets. Protecting the health of the general population is the concern of public health. Implementation of health and education programs, conducting of research and recommendation of health policies are ways in which public health ensures...

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Georgia State Health Infrastructure

The State of Georgia recognizes and responds to the public health needs of her citizens. The three core public health functions are assessment, policy development and assurance. In the state of Georgia, a Department of Public Health (DPH) oversees the state’s public health needs. The DPH had previously been incorporated...

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Sunscreen Protection And Promotion In Miami Beach

Miami Beach is famous for its extensive South Beach area. Its city sits in an area of 7.1 square miles of land and 10 miles of water (MIAMI BEACH 411, n.d). Miami Beach comprises of three beaches namely South, Middle, and North Beaches. Miami residents are known for their spending...

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Promoting Good Self-Perception, Positive Behavior, and Mental Wellness

Among school-age children, a common self-perception of concern and which the literature examines frequently is that of competence. Like adults, children encounter tasks and situations which require or challenge the skills and competencies. If a child feels unequal to the task or situation at hand, their perception of their competence...

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Applying the Socio-Ecological Model

Young women and an affirmative decision to get the HPV vaccine occurs less often among ethnic minorities, and Asian and Black women are at an increased risk of developing cervical cancer (Ferrer, Trotter, Hickman & Audrey, 2015). A socio-ecological model will identify barriers and facilitators to getting the vaccine, and...

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Global Health Problem: Maternal & Child Health

Every year 529,000 women, about one every minute dies from complications during childbirth (UNICEF, n.d.). Areas with high maternal death rates in 2000 included 95 percent in African and Asia, 4 percent in Latin American and Caribbean nations, and one percent in developed countries (WHO, 2003). Most of the maternal...

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Policy Change

The United States Preventive Service Task Force (USPSTF) have recommended that healthy men should no longer receive a prostate Specific Antigen blood test to screen for prostate cancer, because the test does not save lives over all and often leads to more tests and treatments that needlessly cause pain, impotence...

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Issues in Environmental and Global Health

Measles was previously a childhood disease that led to significant health problems and even death for multiple children annually. However, after the vaccine for it became mandatory, the incidence of the disease dropped significantly. Unfortunately, it is now returning as a disease as a result of parents who refuse to...

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ADA Grievance Process Scenario Analysis

Scenario 1 The disability in this scenario is motor neurone disease that prevents me from being agile or from moving around in the workplace. It is highly restrictive and requires a number of accommodating factors to assist in facilitating proper work processes. Upon determining that there is a violation of...

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Quality and Cost Different in Healthcare and Other Business Sectors

The objective of this study is to answer as to whether when comparing health care to other business sectors if there is a difference between the relationship between quality and cost and to answer why or why not. In other business sectors, the consumer public demands that quality be realized...

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Public Health Problem of HIV

As one of the most complex viruses in existence today, the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (commonly referred to as HIV), is one that has represented a significant public health issue over the past several decades. Although the exact origins of the HIV virus are unknown, it is believed to have originated...

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Health Literacy-Evaluation of Patient Forms

IntroductionOne of the documents given to patients is the prescription form as part of the health education material. The form indicates the diagnosis of a patient and provides information for effective prognosis. The document is used to show the relevance of proper medical dispensation and the essence of effective prognosis...

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