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Health promotion

Gastrointestinal Disorders

Abstract Utilizing a fake case study, this paper will work to describe the condition of a 50 year old man suffering from substernal pain for the past five months. The paper will work to provide an explanation for his condition, and the reasons that this has been identified as his...

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PICOT Format for Evidence Based Practice

This paper seeks to answer the question how application of a practice-change model might serve to answer and implement the clinical query results generated by the PICOT. First, let us specify what the PICOT technique is. According to Riva et al (2012), the PICOT format/technique is an effective approach of...

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Public Health Informatics

Abstract This paper will discuss how information systems work to support the functions of health and aged care organizations in Australia and some of the different ways in which these information systems are able to do so. Keywords: Australia, information systems, health, aged care, organizations Information systems encompass both the...

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Health Promotion in Wales

Alzheimer ’s disease remains a significant cause of dementia in individuals. Dementia refers to a general decline in mental functioning in an individual that interferes with daily living. Dementia is often associated with memory loss. However, memory loss is only one means by which this tragic disease affects individuals and...

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Health and Physical Education Literacy

As evidenced within the article, the World Health Organization as well as the US Department of Health and Human Services both recommend that children receive sixty minutes of exercise or activity three days a week. However, as many as 3/4th of children do not meet these levels of physical activity....

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