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Health promotion

Stroke Prevention Media

Though social media tools have initially been used for commercial purposes, a growing stream of recent evidence shows that their scientific and social benefits are difficult to overestimate (Bandura, 2004). Prevention of diseases is one of the ways how media can be used to promote health in society. Online video...

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Cultural Factors in Promoting Health

According to the World Health Organization, health is a multi-dimensional concept, which means that it goes beyond mere physical wellbeing (the absence of diseases) and includes social and mental wellbeing as well (Perez, Aunprom-me, Palacio, & Valencia, 2016). It may be critical for understanding the role of cultural factors in...

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Health Promotion and Disease Prevention

The Skin Cancer Foundation (2018) gives insight into the different ways in which a patient could detect any certain changes in the skin that would be a sign of skin cancer. It encourages patients to see a doctor if any of these changes are present for early detection. According to...

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Public Health and Population

Public health is synonymous with community health as the two encompasses similar aspects, process and tenets. Protecting the health of the general population is the concern of public health. Implementation of health and education programs, conducting of research and recommendation of health policies are ways in which public health ensures...

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Georgia State Health Infrastructure

The State of Georgia recognizes and responds to the public health needs of her citizens. The three core public health functions are assessment, policy development and assurance. In the state of Georgia, a Department of Public Health (DPH) oversees the state’s public health needs. The DPH had previously been incorporated...

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