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Health science

Correctional Healthcare

The study organism which is the focus of this article is human. The study looks specifically at the spread of infectious diseases amongst people in correctional facilities. This is an important study as many of the nation's most high risk groups are made up of those who are currently interred...

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Coffee Addiction

The smell of freshly brewed coffee is a morning ritual for many around the world. In fact, over 400 billion cups of coffee are consumed each year, making it one of the most popular global beverages. Coffee is a stimulant, and so it boosts personal productivity for many people. It...

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Aging Essay: Synthesis of Annotated Bibliography

Due to a strong system of stereotypes and prejudice, the elderly become subjects to discrimination. Older people are often perceived by society as children who cannot effectively perform the social roles of adults. The elderly face the threat of being discriminated in many spheres of social life, starting from the...

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Child and Adolescent Developmental Journal Reflections

Chapter 1 Reflection In chapter one it was very interesting to learn that child development has held the attention of so many researchers for such a long period of time. It was also interesting to learn about the different ideas that past cultures had about child development such as the...

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Health Major Analysis

There are a number of reasons why I selected my major; some of them are practical concerns, while others are more about my ideals and my views on how I might lead a fulfilling, rewarding life. The realm of “community health” is, of course, fairly broad, and can encompass a...

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Outbreak of SARS: An Environmental and Global Perspective

The possibility of an environmental and global outbreak of a deadly virus is steadily increasing as multiple factors of human population, methods and practice of medicine, and economic conditions of both developed and developing nations continue to change over a period of time. The history of many civilizations has been...

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Change and Continuity in Personality Development

Avshalom Caspi and Brent Roberts address five questions in terms of the development in personality, in the article “Personality Development across the Life Course: The Argument for Change and Continuity”. Many scientific and extensive experiments were conducted in order to provide the authors with the information needed to answer the...

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“Are You Sleeping Too Much?” Summary & Opinion Response

This article talks about the fact that sleeping too much can be just as bad as not sleeping enough. It talks about how getting the right amount of sleep is important to maintaining a healthy lifestyle and how much sleep a person should get at night. The amount of sleep...

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Complementary and Alternative Medicine

Complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) is becoming increasingly common in the United States and the rest of the western world. It represents a different methodology towards improving and maintaining health. In addition, it has become increasingly accepted by western physicians, as they recognize that their patients are attempting to be...

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Scientific Method and Malaria

Malaria is a big problem in the third world countries. The threat posed by malaria is portrayed by the high prevalence rates of the disease. Asia and Africa have the highest incidence rates of the infections. In order to control and mitigate the prevalence of malaria in the society, it...

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Alterations in Immunity Case Study

Possible disease process according to client’s historyThe symptoms seen on Donna suggest that she has allergic rhinitis and is also possibly affected by allergic contact dermatitis. Her complaints include tenderness of her maxillary sinuses, she has medium sized polyps on each side of her nasal tract and has red, boggy...

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Health Related Teaching Scenario

Mrs G is a 50 year old female, who has presented to the clinic with extensive memory loss that has been gradually worsening over the last six months. In particular, this patient reports that they constantly experience black outs and often forgets minor, routine details that they would normally have...

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Travel Related Illnesses Caused by Parasites

When people travel, they may get exposed to various bacterial, parasitic and viral infections that they may not have come into contact with in the places they live. This may be due to the change in climate, difference in hygiene practices and sanitation which can be found in other parts...

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Health Locus of Control Orientation and Health-Related Behavior

Health locus of control (HLC) is a psychological construct that is important to study in the context of health-related behaviors (Burker, Phillips, & Giza, 2012). Health locus of control is the extent to which an individual feels their health-related outcomes are related to their personal behaviors or characteristics or whether...

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Dream Theories- Why We Sleep

One of the most pertinent lessons that I have learnt about sleep is that sleep patterns vary from one individual to the next, as well as from one society to another (Myers, 2009, p.55). I have also learnt that sleep is important for a number of varied reasons. The important...

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The Brain and Theories

Question 1: The amygdala is part of the limbic system, which is defined as a group of brain structures that are involved in motivation, memory, feelings, and learning. The limbic system is also involved in the regulation of one’s different basic drives of sexual activity, thirst, aggression, hunger, sleeping, body...

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Mind-Brain Identity Theory

According to the Identity theory also known as Mind-Brain Identity theory, all mental states m1-m5 belong to the same mental model, denominated as "Blue perception". They are identical to neuronal states n1-n5, which in turn belong to the same neuronal types. The Identity Theory was formulated in the 1950s by...

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Animal Health Research Paper

Animal Health and NutritionAnimal health is a critical issue affecting the concept of raising animals, especially for food purposes. The topic of animal health is very broad, and it covers areas such as animal welfare, health and food safety, and security. There are some organizations and laws whose main aim...

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Modifying T-cells to Target Cancer Cells

Cancer is a devastating disease that affects roughly 14 million families worldwide every year (American Cancer, 2015). As one of the leading causes of death there is a tremendous body of research to aid physicians in treating the various types of cancer. Research also helps pharmaceutical and biomedical companies create...

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Family Genetic History

Family genetic history is highly likely to influence people`s health in the future. Genes carrying out vitally important information are passed on to a child at birth and then make an impact on the child`s further development. Every person may have a genetic predisposition to this or that disease which...

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