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Health science

The Brain and Theories

Question 1: The amygdala is part of the limbic system, which is defined as a group of brain structures that are involved in motivation, memory, feelings, and learning. The limbic system is also involved in the regulation of one’s different basic drives of sexual activity, thirst, aggression, hunger, sleeping, body...

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Mind-Brain Identity Theory

According to the Identity theory also known as Mind-Brain Identity theory, all mental states m1-m5 belong to the same mental model, denominated as "Blue perception". They are identical to neuronal states n1-n5, which in turn belong to the same neuronal types. The Identity Theory was formulated in the 1950s by...

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Animal Health Research Paper

Animal Health and NutritionAnimal health is a critical issue affecting the concept of raising animals, especially for food purposes. The topic of animal health is very broad, and it covers areas such as animal welfare, health and food safety, and security. There are some organizations and laws whose main aim...

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Modifying T-cells to Target Cancer Cells

Cancer is a devastating disease that affects roughly 14 million families worldwide every year (American Cancer, 2015). As one of the leading causes of death there is a tremendous body of research to aid physicians in treating the various types of cancer. Research also helps pharmaceutical and biomedical companies create...

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Family Genetic History

Family genetic history is highly likely to influence people`s health in the future. Genes carrying out vitally important information are passed on to a child at birth and then make an impact on the child`s further development. Every person may have a genetic predisposition to this or that disease which...

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