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Decease Analysis: Borderline Personality Disorder

Borderline personality disorder is a mood disorder characterized by relatively frequent mood swings from hypo-manic to depressive states. This condition has a major effect on individual's social and professional life which become fully dependent on person's current emotional state. While the diagnosis criteria for borderline personality disorder have been established...

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Identifying the Function of Challenging and Appropriate Behaviors

Reinforcement is an action or substance that is used to increase the possibility that a specific outcome or behavior will be achieved after a period of time from which stimuli is delivered soon after a response or when the behavior that is expected is exhibited. Negative reinforcement occurs when a...

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Ear Inflammation

Otitis is the general inflammation of the ear in both animals and humans. The otitis is divided into two: otitis externa, interna and otitis media. They are all common in animals but particularly humans. This research aims to explicate the ear diseases. Otitis Externa (OE) This is an infection of...

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Dehydration Case

The patient collapsed due to deficient fluid volumes resulting from a strenuous exercise regimen, the use of antihistamines, and a poor diet with insufficient fluid intake. The activity level and use of Claritin, which can cause dry mouth (Mosby, 2008), would trigger the patient to consume more liquids. Due to...

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Physical Development in Adolescence

A child’s development, be it physical, mental or emotional, are pivotal to a multitude of factors in later life, including overall expectancy and mortality. Therefore, any factors which may lead to decreased health and well-being deserves careful consideration. Puberty is seen as an extremely important progressive stage which can have...

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