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Effects of Physical Development on Adolescents

Samantha is a 15-year old girl who does not feel comfortable in her own body. However, this is not a new feeling. Samantha has never felt comfortable in her own body. When Samantha was a child, she always felt that she wanted to be a boy. During play time with...

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Foot Health

Introduction Corns are brought about by mechanical stresses such as wearing unfit shoes, high levels of activities and the foot exerting a lot of pressure due to the foot deformations (Freeman, 2014). For this reason, corns are due to the reaction of the skin to the pressure exerted and friction...

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Healthy Grief

In one sense, the story of Job does not translate to the stages of grief as set forth by Elizabeth Kubler-Ross, if only by virtue of the fact that Job's misery is not as distinct as that of losing a loved one. As is famously known, Satan makes Job undergo...

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Changes in Adolescence

1) What are some key emotional aspects taking place in adolescence? Key emotional aspects that are taking place during adolescence are associated with the establishment of a sense of identity, specifically focusing on the creation of the concept of the self and the promotion of the self-esteem of the individual;...

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Bodybuilding and the Effects of Steroids

One bodybuilding author who wrote an article on the differences between the use and abuse of steroids was surprised to discover that 65% of his readers were teen boys aged between twelve and sixteen. As Wayne Mercer confesses, he was stuck with an overwhelming number of emails that he got...

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