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Respiratory Therapist Interview

An interview was conducted with Alison, a Respiratory Therapist working in the NICU. She is responsible for a variety of tasks that involve respiratory care for newborns and infants, particularly if they are born premature or face any type of lung difficulties at and after birth. As part of her...

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Respiratory Irritant

The respiratory system of living things, especially that of human beings, is one of the most important yet very delicate parts of the body system. The system which includes the nose, trachea, larynx and lungs is at very high risk of being attacked by some external substances that are widely...

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The Respiratory System

The overarching purpose of the human respiratory system is to complete gas exchange for respiration. The organs that comprise the respiratory function work together to take in oxygen and expel carbon dioxide: oxygen is necessary for maintaining life, while carbon dioxide is a waste product of aerobic respiration. There are...

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Internal and External Respiration

The two distinct types of respiration utilized by humans are called internal respiration and external respiration. Internal respiration is also called systematic gas exchange, and it is an exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the blood vessels and tissue cells of the lungs and throughout the rest of the...

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Oxygen and Respiration

Wow! I’m so happy to be taking my upcoming trip! As an oxygen molecule, I don’t get to Europe much, but I do enjoy my frequent trips from the atmosphere of the Earth to the alveoli of a human! This is always a great trip. I get to start by...

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