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Expressive Art Therapy

Brief Description of Video with Person-Centered TheoryThe series of sessions that are conducted by psychotherapist Dr. Natalie Rogers involve developing associations for clients towards their own being by engaging in artistic practices and creating tangible, physical art implements that help them to focus on awareness and acceptance. (Rogers, 1993) In...

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Brain Lateralization

In terms of language, the left part of the brain is in control of language. Alzheimer’s is one of the diseases where language is disrupted in people who have the chronic condition. This language impairment starts in the early stages of Alzheimer’s. This paper will describe the brain parts that...

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Bloodstain Pattern Analysis

Bevel & Gardner have been investigating the strengths, weaknesses and benefits of bloodstain pattern analysis for over two decades now. In 1990, they published a book - Bloodstain Pattern Analysis: Theory and Practice – A Laboratory Manual (Bevel & Gardner, 1990) – in which they illustrated how this method can...

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Baby Brain Map

The Baby Brain Map provides an interesting resource regarding physical and psychosocial development aspects of early child development. Many of the facts which are provided by this tool are aspects of growth that had not realized. For example, the development of the brain begins a week after conception, a time...

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Development of Adolescent Brain

Brain growth is the process tracked through different ages. Some regions of human brain grow in childhood and later during the adolescent and adult years. The examination of the adolescent brain shows that prefrontal cortex, in particular, develops. Prefrontal cortex is the part of brain responsible for reasoning and impulse...

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