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Healthcare ethics

Effects of Misuse of Power on Healthcare Policy

Healthcare administrators use various methods in order to acquire more power within healthcare organizations. Illegitimate use of power is one of the ways that these administrators use to acquire social influence among the healthcare stake holders. These power is used in different levels of management. There are differences in the...

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Essay on Responsibility In Healthcare

As a member of the healthcare profession, there are many responsibilities that an individual has to other members of the profession. Some of these are universal in all professions whereas others are very specific to healthcare. For example, being on time and a productive addition to the team would be...

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What informs parents’ decision-making about childhood vaccinations?

This article had some problems even in the title itself. The title of the article implies that it will be a review of what affects a parent’s decision making when bringing their children into a clinic to receive a vaccine. In reality, the study addressed how nurses relay information to...

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Ethical Health Promotion

Nurses encounter ethical dilemmas as they provide health services to patients. One common moral issue is whether nurses should disclose some medical conditions to the patients and their family members. Nursing ethics dictate that medical practitioners should give patients positive feedback, and they should not demoralize them with blatant comments,...

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A Prenatal Visit is Not Enough

Project Summary Prenatal care is a complex phenomenon that requires expert knowledge and education from field experts in order to provide women with the tools and resources that are necessary to impact their own health and the health of their unborn children in a positive manner. Furthermore, the post-partum stage...

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Ethics in Health Promotion

In this article Stacy Carter (2014) argues that the ‘most pressing’ issue regarding ethics in health promotion is deciding how to promote good health in communities in a way that both engages with and allocates responsibility to citizens and the state. She highlights the similarities and differences in ethical requirements...

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Informed Consent

The issue of informed consent is one of the most prevalent ethical problems within the healthcare industry today. The world of healthcare is very fast paced and often times, patients are in and out of a doctor's office within minutes. The patient may be unaware of their diagnosis or uninformed...

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Ethical Issues in Public Health

Ethics in health care have a long history. The emergence of bioethics for instance came into be after the Second World War and was triggered by a confluence of factors. Today, ethical issues continue to influence public health. Despite the formulation of professional code of ethics in public health, the...

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Ethical Issues of Isolation and Quarantine in Public Health Practice

ABSTRACT In the interest of protecting the public from infectious diseases, as well as the workers that come into contact with infected persons, isolation and quarantine procedures and policies are established and managed. Infectious and communicable diseases have ethical, legal, and political implications both historically and currently, including domestic and...

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DNP Ethical practice

Introduction This assignment seeks to explore the ethical issues that may present to the DNP-nurse in theory and compare these to experiences from practice to date. The work of a nurse is constantly influenced by ethical dilemmas, when considering the best interest of the patient (Milton 2010). The focus in...

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Nursing Practice and Research Ethical Issues

Special Considerations for Research Confidentiality and Privacy in Nursing Research plays a very crucial role in the progress of medical operations and procedures. There are various aspects that need to be addressed before, during and after the research activities. Some of these activities include ethical and moral considerations. During the...

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Reducing Medication Errors

Medication errors are a significant cause of mortality and morbidity for patients. For this reason, all efforts must be made to reduce the incidence of medication errors. Annually, medication errors injure 1.5 million Americans and result in direct and indirect costs of $3.5 billion dollars (Anderson, 2010, p. 23). Unfortunately,...

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Embryo Harvesting and Freezing/Genetic Manipulation (Posthumous Conception Case)

Embryo Harvesting and Freezing/Genetic Manipulation is valuable, because it allows a family to be conceived even after the loss of the father. The father of the children may fall ill of a life-threatening disease or be injured, which means that reserving sperm posthumously allows for the continuation of the father’s...

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Should In Vitro Fertilization Be an Option for a Woman?

In answering the question above, I would have to give my definite “yes”. In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) is an absolutely voluntary act which is not imposed on the woman or the man. Particularly, when a woman chooses IVF she is fully conscious of her choice and knows what she is...

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Governance, Companies, and Scientists Challenges Toward Global Health Governance (GHG)

In the past ten to fifteen years, humanity has grown aware of the risks of a global health crisis. This revolution resulted in an unprecedented growth of funding for Global Health Organizations and an increase in activism and policymaking. Nevertheless, there are still many deficiencies regarding health governance. Authors raise...

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Security of Health Care Records

The use of smaller and mobile technology in sharing patient health information (PHI) is accelerating due to incentives for providers in implementing electronic health records (EHR) technology into practice (Chan, Torous, Hinton, & Hellowlees, 2014). With this new technology being ever more present in the healthcare setting, the ethical issues...

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Medical Records And Their Confidentiality

Medical Records And Their Confidentiality is something that is a major issue in today’s society. While some mishaps, such as computer hacking and medical information getting into the wrong hands can happen, for the most part, I feel that patients can be reassured that their medical information is secure. I...

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Criminal Justice Final Exam CMRJ402

1. The wounds suffered by the victim in a hit and run pedestrian homicide provide important clues regarding the course of events (Rao, 2013). Wounds can include bruising, road rash, other skin abrasions and lacerations, broken bones, internal injuries, and compression injuries. The location and extent of these help determine...

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Reflections on Wellness

Wellness is a much more holistic concept than is commonly believed. While most people think of physical wellness, encompassing good choices regarding exercise and diet and maybe sleep, a full concept of wellness encompasses much more. The dimensions that we discussed in class this semester included occupational wellness, intellectual wellness,...

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Regulatory Standards

In the context of the chosen clinical setting, that is, a dialysis center, it is important to identify the relevant regulatory framework. In particular, among nationwide organizations, the National Forum of End-Stage Renal Disease Network (The Forum of ESRD) is of utmost importance. The Forum of ESRD is an umbrella...

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