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Healthcare ethics

Adhering To A Standard Of Care

DISCUSSION 1Nursing profession is one of the most sensitive and crucial courses that an individual may choose to pursue. Other than meeting the required examination requirement, nurses are also supposed to uphold standardized nursing practice while performing their duties to avoid possibilities of malpractices that are likely to develop while...

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Every Woman Matters Health Care Study

Every Woman matters (EWM) is federally funded program run at the state level, which is designed to aid women ages 40 to 74 meet their healthcare needs. It is intended to get rid of obstacles some women find when trying to obtain preventative breast and cervical cancer screening. EWM initiatives...

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Robotic Surgery and Ethics

Robotic surgery is inherently one of the greatest technological breakthroughs that have improved the quality of life. Having understood how robotic surgery started including the legal and political issues that are associated with its existence, it is high time that some lights are shed on some of the ethical and...

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Johnson & Johnson Has a Baby Powder Problem

JOHNSON & JOHNSON HAS A BABY POWDER PROBLEM SummaryJacqueline Fox died of ovarian cancer in October 2015. The jury verdict four months later found Johnson & Johnson liable for the development of the disease because its talcum powder contributed to it and because the company failed to warn women of...

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Outcomes Measures in Healthcare

Outcomes Measures in HealthcareMeasurement of outcome following a clinical intervention is an important function in nursing practice. By evaluating pain, for instance, a nurse comprehends the severity, location, exacerbating factors, among others. There are two benefits of measuring the patients’ outcomes. Significantly, the evaluation process provides important findings on when...

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Ethical Matters in Abortion

Abortion is one of the most polarizing issues among people, even in modern times. There is a vast range of perspectives on the topic making it all the more difficult for people to agree and find a common grounding. Many people that believe abortion is akin to murder. Others believe...

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Abortion Argument

Abortion rages on as a philosophical debate in the United States, even though the legality of abortion has largely been settled by the Supreme Court. Most discussions on abortion dance around the primary question, with subsidiary debates taking precedence. At the heart of the abortion debate, though, is a moral...

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Ethical Dilemma Associated With “Medical Errors.”

Medical errors are an unavoidable part of medicine practice and present a considerable threat to patients’ safety. Improper handling of clinical workflow processes, healthcare professionals, and information systems causes medical errors. Release of medical errors to clients and their family members provides an impetus for litigation (Bonney, 2014). The setting...

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Ethics of Womb Transplants

Abstract This paper summarizes the issue of womb transplants. It also summarizes some of the main ethical concerns regarding this issue, and gives my opinion on those ethical issues. The UK Department of Health has approved transplants in women aged 25-38, for research purposes. The research hopes to eventually be...

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Abortion and Morality: A Kantian Perspective

Jeffrey Reiman, William Fraser McDowell Professor Emeritus of Philosophy and Social Policy at American University argues that abortion is a morally permissible act because a fetus is not sufficiently conscious enough to care about its future, and, therefore, taking away such a future is not a loss it can feel....

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Implementing Healthcare Records

Adoption of Electronic Health Records is a major topic of discussion for many healthcare organizations. Transitioning from paper to an electronic health system requires through planning, research and consideration. This paper will different components that had to be considered when transitioning from paperless to electronic health records. Salem Women’s Health...

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Health Improvement And Lifestyle

Public health issue The public health issue chosen is smoking. The use of tobacco is still widespread in society, despite efforts to make it more expensive and difficult to purchase tobacco products. Extensive health documentation and public news information detail the massive health issues of smoking (The Heart Association, 2017),...

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New York Code of Nurses: Abandonment

One element of the New York Code of Nurses which was new to me when I encountered it was the concept of abandonment and the legal and professional repercussions which are associated with it. According to the NYSED, abandonment is defined as a situation in which “the nurse-patient relationship is...

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Abortion in Spain: Research Paper

Obviously, abortion is always a personal, even intimate matter. It is also always a tough decision, made under unpleasant circumstances. However, induced abortion is not a rare occasion, whether legal or not, and on the scale of a country the phenomenon might become a public issue. Moreover, in developed countries...

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HIPAA and Patient Information: Supplying Patient Information

On its surface, HIPAA and the concept of patient confidentiality and privacy seem rather straightforward. Protecting a patient’s confidentiality and privacy is a critical part of establishing and maintaining trust between a patient and a healthcare provider. Obviously, there is a need to share the patient’s information with critical individuals...

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Patient Welfare in Healthcare Professionalism and Healthcare Ethics

Healthcare professionalism, ethics, and patient welfare are mandatory when an individual works in the healthcare field. These are not options for medical professionals. Professionalism and ethical behaviors are necessary choices to ensure patient welfare and safety, deliver quality healthcare, and to maintain the respect of the medical profession. Professionalism, ethics,...

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Healthcare Fraud

Health care fraud is an increasingly prevalent threat that costs the entire country tens of billions of dollars annually. As a more and more common event, more Americans than ever have been victimized as a result of healthcare fraud. Recent events also confirm that medical professionals may be more willing...

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Ethical Research: Addictions Studies

Ethics is critical to the research conducted by various authors. By engaging in ethical research processes, researchers have a better chance of providing insight into problems and solutions. This paper discusses the ethical principles of a business research project related to substance abuse. Business Research Project In a research article...

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Peter Singer: The Ethics of What We Eat

The following is written in response to viewing Peter Singer’s lecture at Wiliams College, entitled “The Ethics of What We Eat.” The mainstream view about how we should treat animals is that we should be kind and not engage in intentional cruelty. However, in conjunction with that kindness, there is...

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Legal and Ethical Essentials in Healthcare

The disturbing condition of the American health care systems has drawn business leaders, policy makers as well as health experts to look for working ways in reforming the system that in many accounts, stood in the midst of an unprecedented crisis. During the 1993 and 1994, the American government took...

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