My whole career has been spanned with the urge of transforming healthcare system from paperwork to electronic system. Therefore, as a consultant the first step will be to improvise the intensive care unit basing on powerful technology to achieve perfection in the critical care program within the hospital (Nursing, 2011). Next, I will ensure that all paper documentation is transformed to computer documentation. To facilitate that, I will ensure that all members of the nursing staff receive basic computer literacy as per their respective departmental programs. Computer documentation will improve the eligibility of accessing patient records in the hospital (Mastrian, 2011).I will uphold patient monitoring through the integration of electronic care manager into the hospital system (Mastrian, 2011). Electronic care manager will instill ease in transferring and sharing health records within the hospital departments. Contrary to that, I will also ensure that each department is provided with the required computer programs for easy running of their respective tasks (Mastrian, 2011). Transition to electronic system will improve legibility, accuracy, timeliness as well as completeness of the healthcare services. Besides the transition to electronic system, some sectors within the nursing system may also require change to enhance integration and interoperability.
I will ensure that the nurses are instilled with smart healthcare solutions to meet the patient needs (Cowen, 2011). The hospital should also offer full support on the technological advancements within the hospital to ease the challenge of tight nursing workforce schedule. Contrary to that, the nurses, physicians, patients, and the entire healthcare stakeholders should uphold effective communication and collaboration within the hospital. The nursing work force should also be competent and patient care oriented. Apart from that, I will also establish follow-up systems at departmental levels within the hospital to improve patient management programs within the hospital. Nurses should ensure that they understand and address patient needs whatsoever. They should embrace systems and tools that will reduce possible errors, improve efficiency of healthcare systems, and enhance their performing confidence (Cowen, 2011).

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