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Healthcare innovations

Article Critique on “Home Naloxone Induction in Primary Care”

The article chosen for the critique is “Home Buprenorphine/Naloxone Induction in Primary Care” by Lee, Grossman, DiRocco and Gourevitch. The article was published in the Journal of General Internal Medicine in 2009. The article examines the use of buprenorphine induction offered in the home setting. The study examined the safety...

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Designing an Appropriate Sampling Methodology

When designing any study in epidemiology, it is crucial to ensure that an adequate sampling plan has been created. Without an appropriate sampling of the target population, the study will lack validity. In this study, a sample will be utilized to examine the correlation between childhood obesity and early onset...

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Body Image and the Future

The term ‘body image’ is commonly used to refer to the conception and appreciation (or lack of appreciation) that a person—most often a young person—has of his or her body. In itself there is nothing wrong with this. All of us has some views on our bodies, whatever they may...

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Mobile Technology in Healthcare

Five years from now, it is likely that mobile technology will have completely revolutionized healthcare. Instead of long wait times, and having to potentially travel long distances, mobile technology will connect patients with the limited number of specialists that are available. It will also streamline the process for doctors and...

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Position Paper on the Future of Healthcare – Genetic Alteration

Genetics, which studies heredity and varied elements that come from parents, has facilitated the study of how and why gene variation occurs. The advances in research have been considered important in informing the differences across species to find the cure for diseases, which have plagued human history (Malaysia Healthcare 00:01...

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