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Healthcare innovations

Article Critique on “Home Naloxone Induction in Primary Care”

The article chosen for the critique is “Home Buprenorphine/Naloxone Induction in Primary Care” by Lee, Grossman, DiRocco and Gourevitch. The article was published in the Journal of General Internal Medicine in 2009. The article examines the use of buprenorphine induction offered in the home setting. The study examined the safety...

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Designing an Appropriate Sampling Methodology

When designing any study in epidemiology, it is crucial to ensure that an adequate sampling plan has been created. Without an appropriate sampling of the target population, the study will lack validity. In this study, a sample will be utilized to examine the correlation between childhood obesity and early onset...

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Body Image and the Future

The term ‘body image’ is commonly used to refer to the conception and appreciation (or lack of appreciation) that a person—most often a young person—has of his or her body. In itself there is nothing wrong with this. All of us has some views on our bodies, whatever they may...

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Mobile Technology in Healthcare

Five years from now, it is likely that mobile technology will have completely revolutionized healthcare. Instead of long wait times, and having to potentially travel long distances, mobile technology will connect patients with the limited number of specialists that are available. It will also streamline the process for doctors and...

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Position Paper on the Future of Healthcare – Genetic Alteration

Genetics, which studies heredity and varied elements that come from parents, has facilitated the study of how and why gene variation occurs. The advances in research have been considered important in informing the differences across species to find the cure for diseases, which have plagued human history (Malaysia Healthcare 00:01...

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Critical Preface

The purpose for my research is to grasp the great effects of technology on one overall health. From vision, hearing and posture technology not only does it affect our lives but also our health in a negative way. However, technology also has effects that impact our health in a positive...

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New Research by Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft Harnesses Electron Beams for Safer Sterilization

It is well known that germs can kill. This is evident with the recent near epidemic of C-difficile antibiotic resistant bacteria. Now there is a much needed solution that employs new electron beam technology for sterilization. This technology protects against bacteria, fungal infections, viruses and spores. It can prevent infection...

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Electronic Implants May Soon Hold Life-Saving Health Information

Abstract The use of microchip technology that contains a person’s healthcare information is one of the latest controversies in the healthcare industry. It is an extension of the electronic healthcare record and has the potential to do much more than provide accurate and timely information about the patient to healthcare...

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Discussion Questions Complexities and Challenges of Health Care IT Infrastructure

1. The National Health Information Infrastructure (NHII) is a requirement for interoperability between all hospitals in the United States. This infrastructure is a dream that is quickly becoming a reality following Health Information Technology (HIT) regulations and incentives. Exactly how a NHII works and what it looks like is becoming...

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Assignment Complexities and Challenges of Health Care IT Infrastructure

When Epic was fully implemented at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) in 2016, many things changed, but many things also stayed the same. Implementation focused on increased efficiency and interoperability, but it also focused on keeping the qualities of care that already existed and only enhanced or added to the quality...

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Healthcare Trends

In the year 2014, health care trends were revolving around the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and the changes that would face not only insurance companies but also the delivery of healthcare (DeVore, 2014). Trends are still centered on the ACA, and two trends that are major players in the delivery...

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Suppressing Unwanted Memories: Article Review

The article by Anderson, C & Levy, Benjamin (2009) titled “SuppressingUnwanted Memories” focuses on neurological responses by the brain and in particular, how individuals can cope with current memories, erase them if they are unwanted and focus on other thought patterns. It is particular pertinent to the field of neuroscience...

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Medical Advances

Abstract This paper summarizes an article discussing the benefits of a particular advancement in the treatment of spinal cord injuries: neural interface technologies. It gives a summary of the main points of the article and the impact of this advancement on health care provision, as well as discussing two advantages...

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Emergency Response Guide

The Emergency Response Guidebook (ERG) is the first responder’s version of the Bible when it comes to any type of hazardous materials! It provides first responders with all of the basic information necessary to stay safe on a hazardous materials scene, how to begin to mitigate the scene, and all...

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The Future of Blood Stain Pattern Analysis

Blood stain pattern analysis is the story that the blood at a crime scene tells about an attack. It is not a new science, but one that has been developing alongside DNA analysis, and a skill which is highly sought after in the forensic science field. The blood at a...

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Using Telehealth for Medication Adherence

Telehealth, where various modes of communication are used in the absence of traditional face-to-face consultations between doctor and patient, have been proven to be efficacious in getting patients to adhere to the medical regimen prescribed for them, and thus eliminating costly hospital admissions for patients who neglect to take their...

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Concerns Surrounding Telehealth

The main concern about using telehealth for the patient J.S. is that the wound has an infection that cannot be properly diagnosed through the use of photographs. It may be necessary to take a swab of the wound site to get an accurate diagnosis of infectious agent and to ensure...

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Telehealth / Telemedicine

Telehealth is gaining momentum in primary care, as nurses and other healthcare professionals seek to reduce medical costs and optimize the quality of care provided to patients. I work in a busy, fast-paced primary care clinic. Present-day and future technologies streamline the most fundamental nursing processes and operations, but they...

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Replication, Transcription, and Translation

Replication, transcription, and translation are the three processes in DNA, RNA, and protein synthesis that create the variety of life found on earth. Replication is the process by which DNA makes an exact copy of itself in preparation for cell division (VCBio, 2011). Each pair of DNA has 23 pairs...

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How Can Hospitals Manage the Explosion of Consumer Health Technology?

Speculating upon Spencer Nam’s in-depth excursus into the challenges facing the 21st century health care institutions, one cannot but give the author credit for elaborating on unprecedentedly new perspectives in this respect. Sure enough, he provides an insightful reflection upon the ongoing explosion of consumer health platforms putting special emphasis...

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