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Healthcare innovations

Healthcare Trends

In the year 2014, health care trends were revolving around the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and the changes that would face not only insurance companies but also the delivery of healthcare (DeVore, 2014). Trends are still centered on the ACA, and two trends that are major players in the delivery...

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Suppressing Unwanted Memories: Article Review

The article by Anderson, C & Levy, Benjamin (2009) titled “SuppressingUnwanted Memories” focuses on neurological responses by the brain and in particular, how individuals can cope with current memories, erase them if they are unwanted and focus on other thought patterns. It is particular pertinent to the field of neuroscience...

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Medical Advances

Abstract This paper summarizes an article discussing the benefits of a particular advancement in the treatment of spinal cord injuries: neural interface technologies. It gives a summary of the main points of the article and the impact of this advancement on health care provision, as well as discussing two advantages...

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Emergency Response Guide

The Emergency Response Guidebook (ERG) is the first responder’s version of the Bible when it comes to any type of hazardous materials! It provides first responders with all of the basic information necessary to stay safe on a hazardous materials scene, how to begin to mitigate the scene, and all...

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The Future of Blood Stain Pattern Analysis

Blood stain pattern analysis is the story that the blood at a crime scene tells about an attack. It is not a new science, but one that has been developing alongside DNA analysis, and a skill which is highly sought after in the forensic science field. The blood at a...

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