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Healthcare innovations

Using Telehealth for Medication Adherence

Telehealth, where various modes of communication are used in the absence of traditional face-to-face consultations between doctor and patient, have been proven to be efficacious in getting patients to adhere to the medical regimen prescribed for them, and thus eliminating costly hospital admissions for patients who neglect to take their...

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Concerns Surrounding Telehealth

The main concern about using telehealth for the patient J.S. is that the wound has an infection that cannot be properly diagnosed through the use of photographs. It may be necessary to take a swab of the wound site to get an accurate diagnosis of infectious agent and to ensure...

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Telehealth / Telemedicine

Telehealth is gaining momentum in primary care, as nurses and other healthcare professionals seek to reduce medical costs and optimize the quality of care provided to patients. I work in a busy, fast-paced primary care clinic. Present-day and future technologies streamline the most fundamental nursing processes and operations, but they...

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Replication, Transcription, and Translation

Replication, transcription, and translation are the three processes in DNA, RNA, and protein synthesis that create the variety of life found on earth. Replication is the process by which DNA makes an exact copy of itself in preparation for cell division (VCBio, 2011). Each pair of DNA has 23 pairs...

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How Can Hospitals Manage the Explosion of Consumer Health Technology?

Speculating upon Spencer Nam’s in-depth excursus into the challenges facing the 21st century health care institutions, one cannot but give the author credit for elaborating on unprecedentedly new perspectives in this respect. Sure enough, he provides an insightful reflection upon the ongoing explosion of consumer health platforms putting special emphasis...

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