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Healthcare innovations

Nursing Technology Paper

The healthcare industry has undergone massive evolution over the years that has led to the transformation of various service delivery perspectives. The advent of information technology is one of the factors that has motivated the rapid progressions that have been experienced in health care. The evolution of the needs and...

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Advances in Dental Health Technology

The advent of information systems has inspired the emergence of sophisticated technological platforms in the healthcare industry. This technology is applied in various capacities to enhance the efficiency and quality of the services delivered in various departments. The technological progressions have also motivated a continuous evolution of the technologies application...

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Healthcare Informatics Interview

General Information I selected the Clinical Health Information Manager at the local Clinic Unit as they are the primary point of contact for issues in relation to clinical information and respective updates to clinical strategies. Furthermore, they are known to be one of the most reliable managers in the state...

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Telemedicine for Healthcare in Maryland

TELEMEDICINE FOR HEALTHCARE IN MARYLAND With the current state of healthcare and the need to care for a growing number patients, many healthcare providers are beginning to look at creative options for providing services to their patients. Advances in communication are leading to many solutions that were not available in...

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Direct Patient Care And Technology

The innovations in direct patient healthcare focus besides others on areas known as health-care (e-health). It's a new model of health care, which make use of internet information technology And can improve the quality of life, especially for the older population or patients that are in programs of direct healthcare....

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