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Healthcare management

Risk Management in Healthcare

Risk management is an important aspect in health care systems. It is important for all health care systems to ensure that risk is managed properly for both patients and employees. When working in a health care system, the employees also face risks associated with their employment. One risk for employees...

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Accountable Care Organizations

Introduction Accountable care organizations (ACOs) are an attempt to coordinate care and provide a more unified approach to healthcare for patients. ACOs (similar to health maintenance organizations (HMOs)) are becoming more widespread, as healthcare organizations are beginning to realize that effective healthcare requires less duplication and more coordination across the...

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Accountability in Healthcare

Accountability In the healthcare industry, quality and performance ensures better outcomes for individuals. Efforts in healthcare to adopt and measure accountability have led to resource challenges, as the process takes times and prioritization, but the positive effects of accountability are undeniable. Organizations that adopt accountability measurements have improved work environments...

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Health Care Sustainability Audit

World Health Organization (WHO) has a sustainability plan in place to create a win-win situation in the environmental, climatic and healthcare contexts with attention being redirected at the attainment of immediate impacts (World Health Organization, 2017). The new mission of the organization is aimed at reducing emission of methane, carbon...

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Health Care Sustainability Interview

What is the largest barrier for sustainability in health care? The most important barrier to the implementation of major changes that would enhance sustainability in the health care industry is the resistance of the public to change (Griggs et al., 2017). Members of the public are the key consumers of...

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