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Healthcare management

Special Needs Inmates and Associated Programs

The United Nations identifies nine different types of inmates who are considered special needs inmates (2009). Inmates are classified as a result of characteristics that separate themselves from others, and it is these groups of inmates that are differentiated as a result of specific qualifications, causing them to be identified...

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Healthcare Stakeholders Dialogue

At a time when the United States healthcare system is undergoing vast changes in technology and access, there are a myriad of healthcare stakeholders who all play important roles regarding access and care. Providers play the role of ensuring good care is given, facilities grow and change as needed to...

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Healthcare Budgeting

One of my goals as a CEO of a hospital is to make care more affordable to ensure many people benefit. Usually, I would support any program that promises to enable more people to get access to quality care. However, as a CEO of a hospital, I also have a...

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Ways to Manage Pandemics

The recent Ebola outbreak in Africa has demonstrated the weaknesses of the current global strategy for addressing pandemics, as well as the need for effective, timely, and cost-effective methods of doing so. Some experts believe that the barrier to the widespread application of information technology to pursue public health practice...

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Pandemic Preparedness

The issue of mandatory emergency preparedness plan for hospitals is not new in the American society. Hospitals have always been required to have an emergency plan to follow should a pandemic occur. However, the present pandemic planning policies fail to heed to lessons in history and not all hospitals have...

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