In my opinion, among the healthcare systems that are covered in the video, Japan’s is the best. It dedicates 8% of its GDP to the health sector. Each family pays an average of $280 every month, but organizations pay more than 50% for their workers. Although the amount of money payable every month is pegged on a citizen’s income, co-payment is set at 30% of a procedure’s cost. I think the nation’s policy (social insurance platform) that requires every person to acquire health insurance makes the system unique. Interestingly, if an individual is found to be unable to pay for the insurance, then he or she gets public assistance. In other words, the community-based plan helps those that do not have incomes of a certain level. Since a significant number of healthcare practitioners are private, most of the insurance plans that cater for the health of the citizens are also owned by the private sector. Due to the unique system adopted by Japan, it is among the countries with the best healthcare data.Changes adopted by Japan have tremendously improved the quality of care. The government has set a policy that holds that the Ministry of Health should meet and discuss with physicians how the cost of medical procedures could be made more affordable, and it is done every 2 years. Interestingly, citizens are not bound to visit any medical specialist. In fact, the video highlights that a citizen may consult any specialist for unlimited times in a year. However, the lack of gatekeepers means that nation does not have checks on the manner the citizens use healthcare, which might be disastrous soon. The change in the UK that led to the adoption of the socialized medicine resulted in long waits due to the stereotypes that typify the healthcare platform; thus, this is a scenario where a change has led to a low-quality care.
I think that the 5 nations discussed in the video have the best health systems around the world. However, it is believed that the U.S would emerge the top in the future if the government would be keen to learn from the 5 countries and others.

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