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Precocious Puberty

Precocious puberty is becoming more and more prevalent in children. Precocious puberty refers to the case where a child undergoes puberty much earlier than normal, thereby growing into an adult too soon. Precocious puberty presents several negative outcomes in children that experience this condition; however, there are treatments available to...

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Physical Examination and Health Assessment

Dilated cardiomyopathy, commonly referred to as DCM, is a condition whereby the heart’s ability to pump blood is reduced due to weakened muscles. It is caused by a weakened, or enlarged, left ventricle. In some cases of the condition the heart does not relax as it should, hence it does...

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“How to Survive a Plague”, directed by David France

Part A The documentary shows us the angry battle of AIDS activists for their rights and their lives. The film captures protests which took place in the 1980s and 1990s, demonstrating how they progressed over time (and what was achieved on part of the activists). These activists, most of whom...

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Association Between Oral Cancer And HPV (Human Pappilloma Virus)

Introduction The Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) is a sexually transmitted disease that is said to be the leading cause of oral cancer. The HPV virus contains approximately 200 DNA strains and of all those only nine are associated with cancers. HPV16 is primarily associated and concerned with oral cancers and...

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The Plague Predicament

The Black Plague (also known as the Black Death) was one of the most serious pandemics in the world, killing between 100 and 200 million people (Byrne 122). The most serious effects were in Europe between 1346 and 1353, and evidently there were a number of health issues associated with...

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Let's stand with the heroes Ukraine

As Putin continues killing civilians, bombing kindergartens, and threatening WWIII, Ukraine fights for the world's peaceful future.

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