Parents are growing more aware of the importance of healthy living for their child’s growth and mental health. The schools often fail to understand how learning if affected by the healthy choices of the students. Parents are important stakeholders in the equation for pressing the issues of promoting health and school wellness. The parents need to start by building a positive relationship between themselves and the school staff.
“This can be accomplished by having a clear school vision for parent engagement in children’s health and communicating that vision to the entire school community” (School and Family, 2014). The parents can provide data to the school that shows the academic success of schools who have fostered a high health and wellness program. Acknowledging the efforts of other institutions can demonstrate the need and encourage the school officials to pursue more robust curriculum regarding wellness and health. Healthy students learn and perform better, and that is something that parents can prove.

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Parents can also appeal to local community agencies that can help address the issues taking place in the educational institution. They can provide information to the school officials that helps them teach the students to make healthy choices. The parents can educate the school leaders about the barriers that mental health can cause in the learning process. Parents can also take a direct role in helping their children learn the importance of health and wellness for doing well in school.

As educators begin to see the change in grades from these students, they will be able to acknowledge the need for revision. Parents can reach out to other parents to take a unified approach to motivate the school officials. Perhaps parents are the most influential stakeholders that can show the need for educational institutions to revise their current practices and how it will benefit all learners in the long run.

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