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Heart Failure

Article Appraisal

Chronic heart failure is a complex condition that contributes to significant challenges, such as hospitalization, disability, and premature death in some patients (Giordano, 2009). Some of the primary causes include coronary artery disease and uncontrolled hypertension, in addition to myocardial infarction, limited functionality of heart valves, arrhythmias, and congenital...

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Heart Attack Cardiac Arrest And The Initiation Of The Cardiac Chain Of Survival

A heart attack refers to when something obstructs the flow of blood to the heart, frequently blockage of an artery, causing that part of the heart to lack oxygen and start dying. On the other hand, cardiac arrest occurs when the heart malfunctions and suddenly stops pumping blood (American Red...

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Focused Assessment of the Heart

In terms of chest pain and breathing difficulties, the best approach is to assume that it is heart-related. When performing a focused assessment of the heart, several different elements can be considered and will help to make a formal diagnosis of the patient. The first task is to determine how...

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Heart Disease and Stroke

The advanced practice nurse plays a significant role in the management of heart disease in patients. It is important to evaluate how professionals in this capacity can use evidence-based practice and other resources to improve outcomes for patients; furthermore, advanced practice nurses must accommodate patient care needs in different ways,...

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Hypertension and Heart Disease

High blood pressure and heart disease are two of the main causes of illness and death in the world. The proper medical term for high blood pressure is hypertension. The medical term for heart disease is cardiovascular disease. Hypertension is, by definition, a form of cardiovascular disease. These conditions often...

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