The analysis of Herbert C Oakley House in Ontario will involve the visual presentation of the Herbert C Oakley House through the common architectural designs analysis and comparison in the region. The analysis always compared against is the architectural designs commonly used in the North American regions and towns. One need to collect or gather information from the resources that document on the housing and other architectural designs so as to be able to properly and professionally analyze the house. In the case of Herbert C Oakley House, the architectural analyses will involves the geographical location of the building, the location of the land that is the landscape and the entire building house posture. The location of the building with relevance to the purpose that it was constructed is important in that the shapes and locations of the house parts like the doors are of great importance.

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In the novel style of the structure, I will consider the location of the doors, windows and major entrances in the house. The building being located at 1007 N Euclid Avenue and within the most known avenue in the city, the type of the doors, windows and the location of the major entrance of the building should be intensively analyzed and evaluated with regards to the intended purpose. The location of the building should be that which does not deter the setup of the adjacent buildings and serving its intended purpose. The windows are relatively high and the doors are considerably wider to ease the operation of the building and to propel the economic activities in the area. According to the nature and design style of the doors, windows, roof shape and the major entrances, classifies the house to be residential.

The Herbert C Oakley House located 1007 North Euclid Avenue is described to be a residential house based on the shape of the roof, the shape and site of the windows in the building, the major entrances such as the gates, the wall styles and the balconies. The classification of houses and other buildings is influenced by the style of the building that is being discussed. The windows are narrow and tall in shape. Narrow windows are indications of the need of more privacy in the building. High levels of privacy is required and recommended in residential houses. This will bring the comfort for which the house is desired to have being a primary territory.

The shape and positions of the balconies also indicate the need for security and comfort as low balconies are not entirely recommended for residential houses. They are low and meant for luxury for the persons who reside in the building. The wall shapes and styles show the stylish design of the house that only brings comfort to the people residing there. The design is not meant for any industrial means for the decorations are meant most probably for a few people that building can hold. Shape of the roof also reveals that the building is truly residential and thus appealing with high-raised roof. The doors of the building bring the commercial purpose of the building in that it is wider and is accommodative. This is appropriate for the commercial or official purposes of the house.

The windows are smaller, longer and narrower towards the roof while the doors are wider in shape. The window treatments are fittings while those of the doors are fixed into the walls and firmly compatible with the entire structure. The roof lines are relatively higher as they tend to reach the roof lines. The support structures are fixed by the entrance and by the balconies.