1) Herzl states that the situation of the Jewish people is an extremely dire one. Herzl was concerned about a general rise in persecution and prejudice towards the Jewish people across Europe. Jews are persecuted wherever they go and do not experience the law as their fellow citizens do. These persecutions that the Jewish people face on a daily basis vary from country to country, ranging from executions to beatings to social exclusion and economic penalties.

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2) Herzl advocates the creation of a separate state for the Jewish people. For this plan to succeed the Society of Jew and the Jewish Company will work together, the Society does the work in science and politics and the Company will put this work into effect after. The plan calls for the poorest Jews to go to the new state first and create trade and new markets, the creation of which will attract more voluntary settlers who will go to the new land at their own risk. This labor by the original settlers will increase the value of the new land.

3) Herzl views Palestine and Argentine as the possible places for this new Jewish state. Argentine is a fertile country with a sparse population and a mild climate. The other option is Palestine, which is the historic home of the Jewish people. Palestine Herzl says would be a frontier for civilization against the barbarians. Herzl would prefer the new Jewish state to be in Palestine due to the fact that it has so much historical significance to the Jewish people. Herzl advocates for an aristocratic republic, with no member of the Jewish state being oppressed. Herzl also suggests a loose federation of tongues, that whichever tongue proves the most useful is the one that should be chosen as the national language.