Question 1My child has been hardworking and determined in his school work. I hope my child take a short period of time to settle and acclimatize himself to the new environment. In addition to that, I hope that he will connect well to not only his new teachers, but also his new friends in the new environment.
Question 2
My child is good at Mathematics and History. His father is a mathematician and I think he has been instrumental in making him love the subject. Since he was a young boy, he liked reading historical books and watching news. In my views, this is the prime reason for him loving history.
Question 3
Every time my child faces a problem, he reports it to me or his father. However, at his former school, he used to report any challenge that he faced to his best teacher, his Mathematics teacher. My child has no challenges on both his health and family. However, he is weak at Biology and Biological Sciences.
Question 4
I believe that hardwork and determination are two main qualities that any child needs to have not only to succeed in his or her academic work, but also in life. Additionally, I believe that a student should carry out plenty of revision and be ahead of his tutors. Moreover, I believe a student should be patient and persistent in the subjects that he or she finds hard.
Although my child is talented in Mathematics, hardwork and determination in them makes him score higher grades. He also believes that if he takes his time and workhard in Biology, he will score high grades.
Question 5
His aunty always assists him in doing his Biology homework and revision. Additionally, we have employed a remedial teacher who has been instrumental in giving him tutorial assistances.
Question 6
My child enjoys engaging in numerous after-class activities. Besides swimming, he likes playing rugby. Last year he took part in the regional rugby tournament. Although he doesn’t like playing football, he likes watching the sport.

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