It’s like you get to your junior year and you hit a wall of being tired, of felling like you’re over high school! I understand the feeling because I made the mistake of slacking off as a junior, figuring that I deserved a break from hard work in school. I got a job (which is a good thing), but I let the job take precedence over my classes (which is a bad thing). The job was fun, I delivered pizzas and used my mom’s car. I didn’t need money, just wanted more and wanted to be out of class.One day, the manager called me in early and I ditched the last part of a Thursday at school so I could pick up a few more hours. I was only missing a history class and I didn’t think that it would be that big of a deal. Apparently, there was a class picture taken during that class session, and we found out about a possible summer exchange program. I knew this because my best friend had left a text message for me all about what I had missed.
As I was driving to deliver a pizza, I stopped to gas up the car. My teacher, from history, was gassing up next to me and of course noticed that I was there. He said it was my choice to skip class, but that I had missed a lot.
I kid you not, as I pulled out of the parking lot some guy in a UHaul moving truck rear ended the car and pushed me into another car. I was not hurt, but my mom’s car was wrecked pretty badly. I ended up working through the summer to pay for damages while the class went to Italy. I feel like if I had gone to class, my picture would be with everyone else, and I would have had a chance to go to Italy. I know I ditched to work, but I didn’t have to.

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