I still have vivid memories of passing by Lowell High School on my way to the school at Lakeshore. I would often imagine my future self as a Lowell student and now that the time has come, I am excited at the prospect of realizing my longtime dream. I am confident my addition to the Lowell’s community will not only benefit me but also my fellow students. My academic strengths are art, standup comedy, and history, while my primary weakness is spelling. My struggle with the spelling is linked to dyslexia which I was diagnosed with in the third grade. I do not let me learning disability define me and often spend hours to improve my spelling capabilities. I also give huge credit to the Dyslexia Center in Burlingame for helping me improve me spelling capabilities. In addition, technology tools like Google spell-check have also been huge blessings for individuals like me.
I engage in various hobbies to keep my life exciting. Some of the activities I enjoy include gaming, drawing, modeling, standup comedy, collecting historical memorabilia. My love affair with gaming started an earlier age when I was introduced to the Mario Bros. in the kindergarten. Similarly, I have been practicing art for years and my current art skills are the result of years of practice. My interest in modeling is also closely linked to my passion for art. I am proud of the ship model I assembled on my 8th birthday and the ship continues to be proudly displayed in my room. I credit my uncle for sparking my interest in the standup comedy as he has an incredible sense of humor. I enjoy making people laugh because laughter is the best solution to sadness and stress. I also enjoy collecting historical memorabilia because they are our links to the past. Some of the most valued items in my collection include seven Olympic Medals from the 1970s and a medal from the WWI Austro-Hungary War in 1918. In five years I expect my collection of historical memorabilia to be three times the current size. In addition to art, I also enjoy computer science. I have maintained the trend of scoring straight A’s in both art and computer science classes for years now and I expect to study both of these courses at advanced level in the near future.
I want to attend Lowell because Lowell offers a wide range of classes which will significantly expand my skills set and thinking horizon. Lowell will also allow me to pursue my interests through programs such as the art media and Improv standup comedy. I am also aware of Lowell’s academic reputation which has helped it become one of the best high schools in California. I am confident Lowell will help me further develop my personality and provide me with a strong foundation which should increase my chances of attending a dream college in the near future. I look forward to my time at Lowell and hope my academic and co-curricular achievements will also inspire other students to attend Lowell.

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