Overall, I feel that my years in school were good. However, just like any person in school, I had my share of problems and heartbreaks. I really liked a good friend of mine in school named Teresa. She and I did everything together, such as going to the movies, watching television shows together, and just being there for each other. If you have ever watched the series “Dawson’s Creek,” the characters of Joey and Dawson described us. However, unlike Dawson, who had no clue that Joey liked him, I knew that I did like Teresa. Yet, I when I told her, she said that she just liked me as friend. By our senior year in high school, it was too late for her to develop feelings for me. She had started dating a guy named John and is still with him. I do like someone now, but I want to see how things go before I get rejected again. For now, I am concentrating on track. I feel that I am pretty good at it and could maybe see myself writing sports articles someday. As far as my teachers go, I have had some good ones who allowed me to be creative and express who I am. I have learned to think creatively and not be afraid to express my opinions about things. Always be yourself and do not just go along with the crowd.
Paul and I are still good pals. We run together about three times a week and grab a coffee after running. I enjoy keeping myself in shape. Luck has been on my side. I have had much success with track, winning some races, but also coming in a lower place than I expected. I am hoping to get a scholarship, but I have to improve my racing times a bit, so I can get one. No matter how it turns out, I have learned the art of preparation, practice, and teamwork. Those are skills and qualities that I can use in the real world. Everything in life works together for the common good.

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