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Equal Protection in High School Sports

At issue here is whether K-12 sports programs separated by gender, are subject to the equal protection guarantees afforded by the United States Constitution. In this construct students are classified by gender, as in girls soccer, or boys football. While many school districts may allow girls to play on certain...

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New Braunfels, Texas vs Las Vegas, Nevada

In comparing the cities of New Braunfels, Texas and Las Vegas, Nevada, it is necessary to analyze the school systems, including private and magnet schools, the cost of living, crime rates and more, especially in regard to individuals with children living there. There are several factors that go into deciding...

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Why Do Parents Prefer Private Schools Than Public Schools?

Introduction Recent studies show that the quality of the education may be measured only with four variables. They are prioritization of teaching practice, learning, solid connection with home or any other community, perfect school leadership and good supervision on behalf of the teachers during learning process. Given this fact, the...

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Stout’s and Kipling’s Views on Resilience and Residential School System

In “Aboriginal People, Resilience, and the Residential School Legacy,” authors Stout and Kipling provide an expansive examination of how Canadians schools so long held to educational practices isolating Aboriginal children in boarding schools distant from their communities and families, creating a system based only on the perceived need for the...

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Klenk Elementary School Report

The Academic Excellence Indicator System The school has 872 students and has a grade span of 5. The prekindergarten has 72 children; the kindergarten has 115 children. Grade 1,2,3,4 and 5 has 106,148,141,132 and 158 students respectively. The mission of the school is t strive in building a community of...

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Comparing Education Systems: United States and Canada

For this assignment, I chose to compare the educational system of the United States and Canada. Mostly, while looking in depth into the peculiarities of both countries, it appears that there are certain specific differences between the perception of education as such in the two above-mentioned countries, despite the fact...

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Tertiary Education In South Africa 2016

South Africa wasn’t always a country where anyone was allowed to get a higher education. Even though times have changed since Apartheid, the education system in South Africa is indeed highly marginalized still. Many poor students are unable to pay their schooling fees especially when they continue to sky rocket...

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Reform School – Then and Now

The case of O’Connell v. Turner deals with the legislatures power to pass a law that made it legal for youths to be detained and sent to reform school without them being convicted of a crime. In that state of Illinois, a law was on the books that gave a...

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Violence In Schools

School violence has become an increasingly prevalent and worrisome issue in recent years. School violence is characterized as violence that occurs in educational institutions, from the way to and from schools, and also during school events. Violence occurs in many forms, and may include physical methods such as slapping or...

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Should Students Be Paddled?

Students should not have to fear physical punishment from misbehaving in school. There are plenty of other ways to teach a child right from wrong, and physically beating them is not one of them. If a student misbehaves and receives a paddling, it is true that they learn not to...

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Analyzing Schools

The purpose of this assignment is to examine local schools to determine the way that instruction is informed by data. With specific reference to the data categories used to influence writing and reading standards, this research will focus on the Miami-Dade County Schools in Florida. The schools in this county...

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I Just Want To Be Average

Mike Rose’s experience as he details in his short essay “I Just Want to be Average,” is comparable to my own academic experience in school from middle school through high school. In fact, it is probably an experience that a lot of people can identify with as they are either...

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Lack of After School Programs for Children

Imagine, coming home from grade school to an empty house where mom and dad are still at work and don’t get off for at least a few more hours. What’s running through your mind? Party time! There are endless possibilities as to what you can do: friends can come over...

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School-Community Service Proposal

This School-Community Service Proposal has a purpose of ensuring that all students have a good start to their learning day by providing a breakfast club which is managed by students at Skyline High School. A previous project assessed community based resources, and a need was identified for onsite food programs...

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School-Community Needs Assessment

The purpose of this school-community needs assessment is the determination of strengths and weaknesses in meeting the needs of Skyline High School and its community within Dallas. In order to better understand these needs various background materials, such as the 2013-14 report card by the Texas Education Agency (2014), news...

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Condoms at High Schools

To persuade my audience that condoms should be available to students in high school.High schools should distribute condoms to students to reduce the risk of early pregnancy. The pregnancy rate remains extremely high among school teen girls. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (2016), in 2014, a...

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High School: the Early Years

Overall, I feel that my years in school were good. However, just like any person in school, I had my share of problems and heartbreaks. I really liked a good friend of mine in school named Teresa. She and I did everything together, such as going to the movies, watching...

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High School Statement

I still have vivid memories of passing by Lowell High School on my way to the school at Lakeshore. I would often imagine my future self as a Lowell student and now that the time has come, I am excited at the prospect of realizing my longtime dream. I am...

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Science and Math Academy

The most important reason I want to attend the SCIENCE AND MATH ACADEMY is because the school has a curriculum that will help me to achieve my goals and ambitions. I believe I will succeeds with the education I obtain at the school. My current dream is to pursue a...

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Language and Literacy Development in Middle-High School Years

Learning a new language can be difficult for anymore, but when it comes to English language learners (ELL), they may face many obstacles in school that can progressively get worse if not taught correctly. According to Karen Ford with Colorin Colorado, an educational service of WETA, “research has shown that,...

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