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High School

High School Application Questionnaire

Question 1My child has been hardworking and determined in his school work. I hope my child take a short period of time to settle and acclimatize himself to the new environment. In addition to that, I hope that he will connect well to not only his new teachers, but also...

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Week 3 APA Module Assignment

The APA (American Psychological Association) Style is used to document ideas in writing as it provides a well respected, professional and highly recognized means of profiling and outlining information. It is an accredited style that standardizes information in all environments (Gorman & Media, 2015). Every organization that uses the APA...

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Junior’s Coming of Age

It is clear throughout the first half of the novel, Junior is restricted in terms of his life-style. This is especially the case when one considers his relationship to his parents. Both his mother and father can be seen to be unreliable. This is especially the case with regard to...

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Expectations of Education

Coming up through school myself and my classmates were held to expectations; behaving in class, doing homework, passing tests, and attending school every day are a few examples of those expectations. But in the sixth grade I decided that school was pointless and I only had to achieve respectable grade...

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Importance of Life Skills Education in High School

Life skills education, often referred to as home economics, is perhaps one of the most valuable classes a high school student can take. However, more and more commonly, school budget cuts are forcing schools to do away with this course, thus allowing funds to be focused primarily on traditional core...

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Let's stand with the heroes Ukraine

As Putin continues killing civilians, bombing kindergartens, and threatening WWIII, Ukraine fights for the world's peaceful future.

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