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Reflection Essay About The Life Of Gautama Siddhartha

From my research studies, it came to my understanding that Gautama Buddha who was famously known as the historical Buddha lived in the year between 563 and 483 BC at a place called Indo-Nepalese. Moreover, I also learnt that He is believed to have passed through thousands of existences as...

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Response Paper to Hinduism Unit

Aside from being the oldest and most elaborate religion throughout the progression of human civilization, Hinduism’s tenets ascribe a way of living with principles of righteousness and service. The religious term revolves around 4 core principles of dharma (duties), karma (desires), Moksha (freedom) & Artha (prosperity).  Dharma is considered to be...

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Guiding Dimensions of Hinduism

Hinduism, though often viewed in the Western culture as a religion or philosophy, is, in fact, a complex of beliefs and practices that lead a person to self-understanding and their unification with the divine. Hinduism is based on strict social hierarchical relationship and unique cultural and ethical concepts. Hinduism relies...

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Women in Hinduism

The story of Ram and Sita, which is narrated in the Hindu epic, is familiar to Hindus and the audience of the film, Slumdog Millionaire. On the basis of this story, Ernie Rea of BBC Radio 4 and guests discuss about the place of women in Hinduism (Women in Hinduism,...

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Genetic Engineering Topic Importance In Hinduism

Genetic engineering has been used in most areas that have high populations in order to try and produce more food. Both the industries and the government turn to genetic engineering for food. In India where Hinduism is common, studies that range from genetic studies of human beings to the medical...

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Reflection On Hinduism

From my research studies, it came to my full understanding that Hinduism is the third largest and oldest religion that can be traced back to the year 5000 B.C (Wallace, 2006). Despite the complexity and evolution of the religion with over 1 billion followers from different parts of the world,...

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Challenges in Hinduism

The modern era of Hinduism faces a host of various challenges, many of which are restricted to Hinduism, unlike many other religions. These challenges threaten the stability of the religion as a whole, and also create doubt in its many followers around the world. Today, modern Hinduism faces a number...

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Shiva as Lord of Dance

Shiva a Hindu god who symbolizes destruction is also referred to as Nataraja, the Hindu god of dancers. The word Nataraja is derived from Nata that refers to dance, raj referring to the lord. The core image of Nataraja is achieved through a canonical form made of bonze that was...

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Core Beliefs of Hinduism

Belief in Supreme God (Brahman)There is not the only God, but the Hindu accept the existence of the supreme God, whose name is Brahman. For the Hindu, he is “a power throughout the universe” (Peckinpaugh, n.d.). This God represents the ultimate goal of the believers. The Hindu believe that they...

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