The medieval manuscripts depict the Christian practices in the western culture in addition to social relations and the way of life. The manuscripts stress the importance of Christian values and the need to abide by such values. The manuscripts were used to pass Christian gospel as well as warnings to those who did not believe. A good example of such manuscripts and works of art were the medieval images of hell that portrayed the consequences of not following the Christian values. Manuscripts such as the gospel book of St. Augustine contains texts of the gospel books that teach Christians about the life of Jesus Christ. In addition, some manuscripts such as medieval cuisine depicts the early way of family values, love and the role of women in the historical time.The lessons that come from medieval manuscripts include the importance of social and Christian values to the society. The values help in shaping the behavior of members of the society. The early social way of life such as the role of women, their dressing styles and social relations also come out as an important historical values worth imitating.
The above primary source of information in a way negate what we learnt in class since it talks more of historical way of life which has been the main topic of discussion. The scripts put emphasis on the historical Christian values. When such values are compared to the modern traditions, there is a clear picture of the similarities of that exist with the lesson that we discussed in class. In addition, the scripts’ historical values of life, social relations, and the role of women in the society in some way relate to the current social and family set up. In essence, the current values and principles enshrined in the biblical teachings, especially regarding the role of women corroborates with those stipulated in the medieval scripts.

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