From historical perspective, people associate the brand of Boston with Irish America, and its glorious figures like Kennedy, Curley, O’Neill, Mary Anthony O’Connell and many others that had left their “footsteps of the Gael” in Boston (Stevens 32).
Since 1634, Boston is one of the greenest cities in the United States of America. During the colonial years, Christianity and Christmas-related celebrations were once banned in Boston in 1659. Salem witch trials during 1692-1693 caused a great deal of hysteria among the locals often alleged of witchcraft that ended in death sentences. Boston the fist witch ever put to death. In 1897, Boston was the first US city to have launched a subway system. At the turn of the twentieth century, people called Boston as the “Athens of America” while the city hosted numerous educational facilities. Now, the city hosts more than 100 colleges and universities. Boston is also famous for local cuisine with more than 850 restaurants capable of suiting every palette (Think Global School 1-3).

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