Samples "History of Latin America"

History of Latin America

Cultural Differences in the History of Brazil

Introduction Brazil is the largest country in the South American continent. The population of Brazil accounts to a significant percentage of the world’s populace as it is one of the highly inhabited countries universally. With regards to this, the country comprises of diverse cultures from the immigrants who came in...

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Argentina’s Dirty War

The Guerra Sucia Dirty War was a period of time from 1976-1983, which was a campaign organized by the Argentine military dictatorship (lead by the infamous Jorge Rafael Videla) against suspected left-wing political opponents. Estimates are as high as 30,000 of people that were either killed or “disappeared” during this...

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Spanish and Portuguese Colonies in the Americas

Latin America often is often perceived in academic discourses and scientific studies as one whole unit. Given that all the countries that fall under the ‘umbrella’ of Latin America share some geographical, political and economic similarities, this seems logic. However, differences in the history of Latin American countries, including the...

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Guaman Poma’s “Letter to a King”

The drawing attached to the paper is a part of Guaman Poma’s “Letter to a King.” Guaman Poma had been writing his “Letter” for 50 years as he kept recording each and every aspect of the life of Incas. The full name of this historical document is El primer nueva...

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Gaucho in the Latin America Nation Building

The nation building of a country is represented by the whole set of cultural, political, social, and economic structures that help to shape it as a single state, despite the diversity of its cultural forms or the geographical differences within its territory. In the specific case of Latin America nation-building...

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