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History of Latin America

Colonization And Catholic Church

The onset of colonization and slavery is traced to the ancient interest of Catholics and Catholic Church to spread the biblical gospel beyond Europe to the furthest ends of the world. To achieve their interest of spreading the gospel, the church established of initiating global spiritual conquest where catholic missionaries...

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Conquest of Mexico Research Gaps

The subject of the conquest of Mexico, due to the antiquity of the event and its effects throughout all the continents, brings about a broad, and sometimes complicated, ethical debate. The possible ethical basis from which the actions from both, the colonizers and the Aztecs, can be judged, need a...

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Zapata and the Mexican Revolution, by John Womack (1968)

This essay is a review of the book Zapata and the Mexican Revolution written by John Womack and first published in 1968. Firstly, it is necessary to establish who the author is. John Womack (Jnr.) was born in 1937 and has established himself as a prominent historian regarding Latin America...

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Haitian Revolution: Causes and Legacy

Explain how the French Revolution and the ideas of the Enlightenment contributed to the Haitian Revolution. In an era of political and social oppression, the French people spoke out against the tyranny of the government. They fought to put an end to political corruption and demanded equal human rights. Thus,...

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Juan Perón

During his government, Juan Perón made a series of significant reforms in the field of academic and vocational education. The most important changes included expansion of educational system and making it more accessible, restructuring of school syllabus and modernization of textbooks. Apart from economic implications, the focus on the education...

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