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History Of Religion

Rise and Fall of Papal Power

At one point in history, the pope was the single most powerful man in the world. Kings kowtowed to his wants, and his actions had a reverberating effect on the rest of the world. This power did not develop overnight. Likewise, it did not abate overnight, even though it is...

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Tribal Worlds: Magic, Belief, and the Supernatural

In Chapter 6 of Cultural Anthropology: Tribes, States, and the Global System, the anthropologist John H. Bodley argues against several nineteenth and twentieth century historians and ethnographers who treated shamanistic religions as mere superstition. Overall, Bodley argues that the belief systems of peoples in South America, the South Pacific, and...

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Christian and Islam in Early Medieval

The chosen image for from the Christian religious illuminated manuscript existing in the Early Medieval period with dates ranging from 400-100 CE is that of St. Luke, an evangelist who lived during the 6th century. During the Medieval period, nations faced various issues such that Kings and Emperors were not...

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The Hammarabi Code and the Ten Commandments

The following briefly explores an alleged connection between the Babylonian Code of Hammurabi and the Hebrew Ten Commandments. It is an issue worthy of speculation and yet seemingly impossible to accomplish. In order to conduct such a feat it is necessary to look to history and embark down a rabbit...

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Reformation and Protestant Influence on Education

Before the Reformation education was extremely minimal. Only those that were intending on pursuing a career in the clergy were granted any education and what was taught was minimal at best. Laymen were typically granted no education at all. There were trade schools which were only for the vocational education...

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