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History Of Religion

Christology and Its History

Jesus as a person and a reflection of the concept of Christianity has long been discussed and analyzed by scholars and historians, given the nature of his being and what he represented in life and in the stories pertaining to him in religious doctrines. The principle characteristics of what comprised...

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The Evolution of Christianity

Christmas is approaching and multiple documentaries and films revolving around Jesus Christ’s teachings are already being broadcast across the world to remind both Christians and non-Christians of how the world’s most popular religion was founded. It is interesting how over the centuries, the Catholic Church has expressed bold opinions and...

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The Attractions of Buddhism

Buddhism is one of the most popular religions in the world, with estimates of the number of its practitioners running upwards of 500 million people worldwide. The largest population of Buddhists is in China, where nearly 1 in 5 people is a practicing Buddhist of some sort. Some would argue...

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The Buddhist Perspective

A Buddhist perspective would agree with the Richard Rohr quote that states we are not truly free unless we are able to let go of our own compulsiveness, resentments, complaining and obsessive patterns of thinking. Buddhists believe that the true path to enlightenment is achieved by not having any attachments,...

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Islamic History

The government of Turkey appears to value a government type that is quite similar to the United States. While United States is often called a “democracy,” it is actually a republic. The Kemalism is committed to a republican form of government as well. In addition, the government of Kemalism appears...

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