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History Of Religion

The Holy War Against Polytheism

In his book, Carr describes the struggles associated with the movement of the Hebrew people away from a polytheistic system where they worshipped a number of different war gods and into a monotheistic system where they worshipped only Yahweh. It was not enough for these people to simply alter their...

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What is a Ritual in Religion?

The Dani tribe is found in Balien Valley, New Guinea. The tribe lives in small units called villages comprising of between ten to thirty people who are either closely related or are family members. Their huts are made of sticks and local grass. Among the Dani, men protect the community...

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The Crusades, Christianity, And Islam

Christianity and Islam are among the world’s most dominant religions today. Though constant battles emerge between both religions’ adherents throughout various regions of the world, both religions ironically share a number of historical and theoretical similarities. One major similarity is that both religions are Abrahamic, which means that they trace...

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Christology and Its History

Jesus as a person and a reflection of the concept of Christianity has long been discussed and analyzed by scholars and historians, given the nature of his being and what he represented in life and in the stories pertaining to him in religious doctrines. The principle characteristics of what comprised...

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The Evolution of Christianity

Christmas is approaching and multiple documentaries and films revolving around Jesus Christ’s teachings are already being broadcast across the world to remind both Christians and non-Christians of how the world’s most popular religion was founded. It is interesting how over the centuries, the Catholic Church has expressed bold opinions and...

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