1) Kemalism is dedicated to a form of Republic. The goal is to have all of the people have a voice in order for there to be solidarity and national sovereignty. There is some understanding under this protocol that the only way for a country to function in such a way that it serves the people is for there to be representation. While this government might feel like many of the great Western governments, it has some critical differences. Specifically, Kemalism desires much more in the way of solidarity, while Western democracy tends to bring about factions, and in fact, encourages special interest groups to form and act according to their own goals.

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2) The State is to be utilized as first a regulator of private transactions. As in Western government, one of the roles of the State is to stand as the force that allows for the successful flow of transactions between different private interests. In addition to that, the State must step in and do its own bidding every so often. Specifically, the State is described first as a “builder,” meaning that it steps in and flexes its muscles whenever it has an opportunity to push for what is in the public interest. This could be any number of different categories.

3) On its face and in reality, the goal of the government is to provide a framework where men and women can enjoy equal rights. This is a progressive type of system where sex is not a determinant to success and to the access that a person would have to the voting and other institutions of society. On top of that, there is a secular bent to the government. While religion exists and is important, the goal is for the government to remain secular so that it can govern with maximum effectiveness.