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Comparisons and Contrasts of the Virginia and New Jersey Plans

In 1787, many of the nation's founding fathers met during the Constitutional Convention to revise the Articles of the Confederation. During this convention, the Virginia and New Jersey plans were introduced as potential revisions to the previous governmental plan of America. These two plans have some similarities as well as...

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History of Texas

This paper examines three most important events in the history of Texas which have had the strongest impact on its development and its current status today. The events that will be investigated include the Texas Revolution, Annexation by the United States, and Texas Oil Boom start. The first event which...

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Jamestown Settlement

We decided that the best place for the actual settlement would be somewhere near water. We wanted to be near the river because this would provide us with the best chance at sustaining our agricultural economy. Likewise, this would keep us safer than going deep into the woods of Virginia....

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Historical Figure Reflection Paper: Social Work

Mary Richmond is one of the best known social workers in the American dimension of social work. A female born in the US lived for 67 years and was born and died in the United States where she dedicated most of her career to social work and teaching. The family...

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Historical Bias

After reviewing the Zinn and Schweikart accounts, the major distinctions in their assumptions, beliefs and values is that Zinn advocates for a purely factual account when retelling history, without introducing moral or ethical considerations; while Schweikart assumes a more defensive stance, particularly against how historical events and figures tend to...

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