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Comparisons and Contrasts of the Virginia and New Jersey Plans

In 1787, many of the nation's founding fathers met during the Constitutional Convention to revise the Articles of the Confederation. During this convention, the Virginia and New Jersey plans were introduced as potential revisions to the previous governmental plan of America. These two plans have some similarities as well as...

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History of Texas

This paper examines three most important events in the history of Texas which have had the strongest impact on its development and its current status today. The events that will be investigated include the Texas Revolution, Annexation by the United States, and Texas Oil Boom start. The first event which...

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Jamestown Settlement

We decided that the best place for the actual settlement would be somewhere near water. We wanted to be near the river because this would provide us with the best chance at sustaining our agricultural economy. Likewise, this would keep us safer than going deep into the woods of Virginia....

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Historical Figure Reflection Paper: Social Work

Mary Richmond is one of the best known social workers in the American dimension of social work. A female born in the US lived for 67 years and was born and died in the United States where she dedicated most of her career to social work and teaching. The family...

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Historical Bias

After reviewing the Zinn and Schweikart accounts, the major distinctions in their assumptions, beliefs and values is that Zinn advocates for a purely factual account when retelling history, without introducing moral or ethical considerations; while Schweikart assumes a more defensive stance, particularly against how historical events and figures tend to...

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Salem Witch Trial Essays

The Crucible, by Arthur Miller, is one of the most famous plays of the 20th Century. In the play, Miller offers an interpretation of the Salem Witchcraft Trials. The Salem Witchcraft Trials occurred in Salem, Massachusetts and nearby communities in 1692. Despite the play being based upon this historical period,...

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Soccer History Essay

Soccer is one of the most popular and widely acclaimed sports in the world. Robert Charlton once said: “some people tell me that we professional players are soccer slaves. Well, if this is slaver, give me a life sentence.” There is no doubt that professional players work hard and play...

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Historical Periods

Reconstruction era was a period witnessed in the 18th century from 1863 to 1877 where reforms to uphold social rights were greatly anticipated for by the slaves living in America. The extended demands from the slaves transpired the occurrence of this reconstruction period when the need for equality was demanded...

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Reflection Paper – Pacific Aviation Museum

The Pacific Aviation Museum Pearl Harbor stocks many artifacts that capture the key parts of American history. The idea behind the establishment of the museum was to keep the legacy of America in the Second World War and to keep a visual record of the devastating attack of 7th December...

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Rejecting the Paradigm: Robert Marks and a Polycentric World Narrative

When considering the patterns of power evident in the history of the modern world, it is tempting to rely upon a Eurocentric narrative which places the West at the forefront of progress and innovation. Many modern scholars, however, take issue with this approach because of the inherit deficiencies of Eurocentrism....

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Women in History

Essay 1. Compare the activism and views of women held by Eleanor Roosevelt in the 1930s and Hillary Clinton in the late 20th and early 21st centuries. Describe similarities and differences and how these two women typified trends of their time. Hilary Clinton and Eleanor Roosevelt Likeminded Activists By intention,...

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Sacred Places Born in History: Myths Ancient and Modern

The attack and destruction of the World Trade Center in New York City on September 11, 2000 can be compared to a baptism. One day it was a thriving commercial center, the next a symbol of the destructive power of violence. The place, formerly noted as a center of global...

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Exploring Bengali Women’s History

This essay will attempt to argue that while there are both benefits and drawbacks to arranged marriage for Bengali women, the choice should ultimately be up to the individual. Anirvan Chatterjee’s Personal View of Arranged Marriage In January, 1997, Anirvan Chatterjee took a personal look at Bengali women’s history of...

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Should Key Events in Historical Development of Areas of Knowledge Always Be Judged by The Standards of Their Time

Introduction The purpose of this paper is to define the extent to which key events in the historical development of areas of knowledge be judged by the standards of their time. The paper begins by arguing that historical developments and events should always be judged by the standards of that...

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Time to Protest: A Review of the Colonists’ Response

When peaceful communication is unable to stop an act of tyranny and when the government no longer pursues the best interest of all of the citizens regardless of their socioeconomic class, ethnic background, or geographical location, then these citizens must take any action necessary to make a change in their...

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Graphic Design’s Debt to the Industrial Revolution

The Industrial Revolution introduced a number of innovations in material and technical goods, a progressive trend of thought in the minds of the populace, cultural movements toward mass consumerism as the prices became affordable to a rising class of people, new forms of art using new materials, new literary styles...

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Market Failure and The Role Of The Courts In The Industrial Revolution

Pollution of slaughter houses has often become a great controversy especially with the coming of the new hygienic conditions. Most of the pollution that affect the slaughter houses come from the fecal matter which is often left in the air making the environment unfit and making the air filthy and...

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Rebels And Redcoats: An Episode From American History

The 1776 revolution was an uprising of American citizens against the oppressive Britain colony. The British had won its war with France and expanded its colonial theory in the US. However, the war left the colonial master which massive debts. England has no option but to direct that all its...

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History Of American Slavery

During the 19th century, slavery was at once pivotal to American society and threatening to its stability. An intricate part of the country’s economy, slavery provided much of the country’s workforce and was responsible for a large portion of cash flow; slavery was big business. However, due to continued unrest...

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Women in the Roaring Twenties

Women of the 1920s would be surprised to know that they created an era of the “new woman.” Indeed, a plethora of changes occurred for women in regards to the traditional home life, their role in politics, the workplace, and education. For this reason, women in the roaring twenties played...

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